Here is where all awards we have to offer, and we have won will be kept. This section won't be too big right now, as the site is still pretty new, but hopefully in time, it will expand, along with the rest of the site. Below you will find our award, the Nightdwellers Dark Site Award...which you may apply for if you have a dark or mystical site. Just let us and know the URL and we'll go have a look. I will also award sites that I have stopped by in the past and feel deserve a bit of recognition for the hard work and time they've put into thier site...so it will be award at the discresion of Iya as well as allowed to be applie for.

The only big requirements for applying for the Nightdwellers Award is that your site must consist of the "darker" things in life...or some topic which is found on this site. And it also must be displayed somewhere on your site if received. The rules and requirements aren't hard, so it's pretty easy. Just a little sign of appreciation and exellence in web design and contant. There are so many well done sites out there, but there are just as many crappy ones out there as well.

With that I say...good luck to all~

Also, if you have a site devoted to the WWF's Undertaker, please feel free to apply for the Dead Man Inc. Wicked Ass Site Award. (Note: contains swearing, please be warned, if you allow swearing on your site...feel free) Again, the rules apply for this award also, except the site doesn't have to be just Undertaker devoted...can be of any wrestling related topics or wrestlers. Again, this award must be placed on your site if awarded. Again, good luck to all!

All award received will be places here as well...thank you to all who have decided that this site is worth your time and good enough. I've spent many many hours working on this site, along with other people who have devoted their time and effort to the Nightdwellers. I thank you to anyone who feel that this site may deserve an award.

Also, final thing for this page, all sites that I have given awards to, either the Nightdwellers or Dead Man Inc., the links will be placed here to keep them all together.

Occult of the Baphomet
Children of the Night

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