Name: Takersangel
D.O.B: December 3,1982
From: Darkside Of Heaven

Likes: writing fan fiction with Taker,Kane,and Matt Hardy. Listening to anything that sounds good,finding any wrestling magazines with Taker,Kane,and Matt on or in them

Dislikes: assholes who think they rule the world and people just are egoist,shit heads who hate other races or just love using violence as an answer to their problems!

Children Of The Night wonderful site by amaya and kanike with excellent fan fictions,pics,and links
Dark Lady's Pad all my cyper sisters posted their wonderful NC-17 fan fiction

Real Name: RaeLynn Smith
Date of Birth: April 23, 1974
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Nickname(s): Rae, Lynn, Cocoa, Nefertitti, BBQ(Black Beauty Queen)

Personality: Quiet, shy, compassionate, nice, willing to help others, and also I do have a temper when I am provoked.

Likes: I like to read, write, go shopping, travel, spend time with my niece who I have adopted. I like spiritual things, especially talking about God to my boyfriend, grandmother, who is spiritual, and anyone that will listen. If no one listens then I pretty much talk to God myself. I am a pretty easygoing person, who likes to stay to herself. I donít have a lot of friends and Iím a loner. I like to dream up romantic things. I like wrestling, especially the WWF. My favorite wrestlers are the Undertaker, Kane, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H who I find myself liking in spite of the things he do. My favorite type of music is R&B, Gospel, Rap, and Soft Rock. Iím pretty much an easygoing person who can get along with anybody. I consider myself to be a trustworthy, loyal and honest person who will be your friend to the end.

Dislikes: I donít have that many dislikes. I donít like people who are racist, prejudice, self-righteous, greedy, and think that they are above people. I canít stand arrogance, and I definitely canít stand people who backbite and backstab. I donít think a person as the right to tell anyone how he or she should live if they are not living the way that they should live to me that is being a hypocrite. My motto is practice what you preach. I hate when people judge others because of their race, religion, and sexual preference, they should know buy now that God can only judge for what is right and wrong. We canít right now because our judgment sometimes is unjust. I donít like distrustful, disloyal, and dishonest people nor do I like it when people try to take advantage of my kindness for weakness. When they do; 9 times out of 10 they find out about the real me and they donít want they real me to come out.

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