~Iya's Credits~

This is where credit is given where credit is most definatly due. These people have helped to make this site what is it now. I'm totally and utterly greatful for the time they took to make contributions to help the site be it's very best. Without the help of these people, I would not have the site that you now are viewing. I feel very honored to have their help and full support.

First to my dearest friend Amaya, webmistress of Children of the Night and The Valkyries: Xena and Voyaager Subtext. Amaya made all my graphics for the site before I got my graphics editor I had so been wanting. Her banner is still up that she made me and I keep it up for you to use when linking to this site in honor of her. She has also given of her time and efforts to have made all the headers and banner for my old site.

Amaya is a wonderful women who knows what she's talking about and knows her computer graphics and web design as well!! She is the one that inspired me to start my own site, the first site didn't last too long though. She's designed various sites of her own for different wrestlers and various topics and created all graphics for them. Amaya is one you can count on, she will be there for you through thick and thin. Not only has she taken the time to make the graphics and help me with all my stupid little questions I've had along the way, but she's taken the time to get to know me and listen to me. She's a wonderful gal to have on your side.

Amaya, Thank You so much for everything you've done for this site and for being the great friend that you are. I'm so honored that I've gotten the chance to get to know you and I sincerely appreciate all you've done not only for this site, but also for me. ((HUGS))

Secondly, I would like to thank Gypsy so very much for all her tima and effort in the newest addition to the site, as she has taken her time to write a column Through My Eyes in the Undertaker section. She is a good friend, very wise, and smart, writes very well, and is just a sweet heart! I'm so very glad I got to know her a little better and look forward to our friendship growing even more. Thank you so much Gyps! I look forward to reading the future columns and include more of your work on the site if you'd like! Thanks again hon! ((HUGS))

I'd like to thank dEd for two things, one for contributing to this site, as a columnist for the Satanism section. He researched long and hard to find all the information to include on that page, and I thank him so much. It saved me a lot of time, and with this site growing bigger, it's getting harder to find time to update it all. He also has his own site Occult of the Baphomet so he's busy with that as well.

I thank him secondly, for being there for me, keeping my spirits up and keeping me going when I feel like I can't go on. (especially with this site but with life in general too) We have decided to create a site together, Kane's Forbidden Hell as he's very talented and contributes so much. He's a wonderful guy who has taught me a lot and continues to be a shinning light in my life. Thanks again so much for helping me out with this site and with life in general, thanks for hanging on! (((HUGS)) and love to ya hon!

Thank you so much Kanike for her help in all the little questions I have about this web site thing. She has gladly answered all of them without getting upset. I owe a lot of this site and layout/ set up to her and Amaya. Kanike has taught me a lot and I'm sure will keep teaching me more. Thank you so much for everything. I admire your work and your talent, keep it up girl!! (((HUGS)))

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