Dark topics only lurk here in All That is Dark. Kept here within the darkness find more controversial topics such as LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender), Death Penalty, Assisted Suicide, Serial Killers, Legalization of Marijuana, and more. The pros/ cons/ and non-bias information will be displayed for your curious little minds...

So, if you are the curious type, whether you believe or agree with these topics found here, and have an open mind, take a look around. Wonder the halls of darkness, don't be afraid.

Also inlcuded will be T.V. shows and movies of a darker or mystical nature. (Or just funny ones!) The links found under the show will be the "official" links and more "unofficial" links will be coming soon. (Once I have more time to search for some good ones!) Again, if you have a site pertaining to a T.V. show or movie and you'd like to link to my site, please e-mail Iya.

BE WARNED: If you choose to proceed, just remember it was your choice. Meaning, I did not force these things upon you. You are being warned now - topics found here are for the open minded only! DO NOT e-mail me or leave nasty, harrassing, complaining messages on the message board saying you don't like the subjects found here. I encourage you to DISCUSS topics found here and others with people posting, but don't complain please. Also, I DO NOT claim I believe or support all found here, I'm just trying to be diverse and open minded myself. Please don't judge me, the Dwellers, or the site upon this section and topics.

If you have any WORTH WHILE contributions to anything pertaining to this section, whether it be found here currently or you'd like to see it added, please forward all thoughts and/ or ideas to Iya. I will be glad to include your ideas and requests. Also, if you have any good links to subjects found here, please send those to Iya as well to be included. Thank you.

If you don't like it please leave this section and/ or site.

--Controversial Topics--

LBGT - Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender

Death Penalty

Music lyrics having effects on it's listeners

Censored Media

Assisted Suicide

--Misc. Topics--

--T.V. Shows--

South Park
I know it's not really "dark" but it's funny!

The Twilight Zone

Tales From the Crypt

Xena; the worrior princess

Dragon Ball Z


The Crow

Summer of Sam

Sid and Nancy

Black Circle Boys

The Craft

Cruel Intentions

Star Wars Trilogy

Monty Python Series

Dangerous Minds

The Grinch

Eye for an Eye

Higher Learning

American History X


Poppy Z. Brite

Anne Rice

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