Meet Destiny
Written By Lady_Shyann

Chapter 3

As the months past and time grows by the day me, Paul became friends and ragged on each other about our NBA picks.

Add to the fact that I help him at home when I can.

Defintly at work since I became his full time Aide.

When I'm at work he just sits and watches me.Even at Pauls home he would just sit back and watch me. Even he would come and sit in his car and watch my house at night.

Kane's father never said a bad word about me or Kane midnight watches.*Gee father reaction toward me was something Kane had never thought Pual would alloud him to do.*

Instead he encourage Kane to talk to me.

Kane kept on insisting that I would never want to be with him because of the way he looks. Yet he would watch me.

When I would see him and say hi,All he would do is tilt his head.

I would laugh and tell him I think he is so cute when he tilt his head then smile at him.

He smiled back,his mask would lift showing me he was happy with my comment.

*I only I could talk to her without her screaming when I show her my face,And the way I talk she mite understand,NO noone does only dad and brother.*

Paul was delighted that Kane smiled.*Boy just talk to her she is very special women,Take your time when you are ready you will be able to tell her*.

*Soon father she will know my feeling for her,She will know that I love her and will allways love her.*

As another year passed the NBA playoffs were up agian.

BULLS/UTAH game ONE at Chicage well we were in the morgue at the hospital."Cheryl do you know how to butterfly stitch" "Yes Paul" "could you do that to Mr.smithson."

"Sure thing" as I started stitching him I Just busted out laughing.Laughin so hard I started crying but still laughing at the same time.

Kane started smiling at the way I was laughing *she is so bueatifull when she smiles.*

I looked at my watch and said 7:05 Bulls is going to send the JAZZES back to UTAH in body bags "What do you think Paul" He just gave me a look like yeah right.

Kane was amazed at how Paul took to me in just 21/2 years.Kane and Paul knew I was the one he could spend his life with but could he talk to me face to face.

Little did he know I was in love with him just to shy to say anything to him.

Anyway the Bulls was winning and at the 5second buzzer,M.Jordan shot the 3 pionter that won the game. Soon it was in the net I just looked at Paul and started laughing and said "Well Paul that was a close game don't you think so".

Even thought the bulls won by 64 points.

*God she beautifull.*

*Does he know how handsome he is.*

Paul had asked me that other day if later could I come by the house and help him at the house. Of course I said yes. He needed help with his New Computer and being a computer wiz I promised to help him when he bought one.

"Paul of course I will help you seeing that I'm a late Owl, And being that the BULLS did beat the JAZZES pretty bad I could take special concederation on you.

"Cheryl you think you funny don't you." "yes i do."

with my comment.

*If only I could talk to her without her screaming*.

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