Heartache Part Two

Writeen By Lynn

Chapter 1

Mark woke up to the sun shining in his face. He saw that Lynn was not lying beside him. He went around the house searching for her.

"Lynn? Where are you?" "In the dining room. The sleeveless, lightweight dress in shades of brown and bronze brought out the color of her lustrous dark eyes. Her hair had been formed into its usual braid and hung to her shoulder. She looked soft and golden.

"Do you feel as good as you look?" Mark closed the distance between them and gave her a quick kiss to her lips. "I'm fine, thanks honey, Lynn blushed.

He went into the kitchen to get a cold beer from the refrigerator and returned to the other room. "All right." He took a long swallow. "Let me see the guest list for the wedding and I'll tell you what I think."

Mark stood behind her chair. The scent of her skin made him feel almost faint. He put his drink on the table and slid his hands over her shoulders. It was a struggle to keep his eyes on the guest list rather than the voluptuous lines of her body.

"We have so many family and friends. You don't think we should narrow it down do you?" Lynn asked. "I don't see why we can't have all our family and friends join us in celebrating our wedding. This only comes once in a lifetime, we might as well live it up." "Oh Mark!" Lynn's eyes lit up. "We are going to have the most beautiful wedding," she threw her arms around Mark and kissed him.

Chapter 2

The doorbell rung and Lynn went to answer it. "Wait just a minute!" She opened the door and was surprised to see her best friend. "Storm!" Lynn cried. "Well are you gonna stand there with your mouth gaped open or are you gonna let me in," Storm teased.

Lynn hugged Storm and escorted her inside the house. "Hey, what's all the noise?" Mark asked coming down the stairs. "Honey guess who's here?" Lynn said excitedly. "Well if it isn't old Stormy," Mark smiled. "Well, do I get a hug?" Storm said grinning. "Of course you do," Mark hugged her.

"So girlfriend, are you ready for your big day tomorrow?" Storm said. "Oh girl, I am so nervous," Lynn took a deep breath.

"You think she's nervous. I'm nervous just thinking about it," Mark said. "Oh please, speak for yourself. I'm the one who has to walk down the aisle. Lets just hope I don't trip," the trio burst out laughing.

They talked well into the night reminiscing about the good times. Storm told Mark about Lynn never having a boyfriend until she met him and how she had come along way. Storm also told them how blessed they were to have one another. Lynn hugged Storm.

"Oh Storm, you are like a sister to me," she said with tears in her eyes. "I feel the same way about you to," Storm whispered. "Alright you two its time to head up for bed. We have a big day tomorrow," Mark grinned.

"I'll show you to your room," Lynn said. "Oh Mark? I will be sleeping in the other bedroom," Mark looked shocked and hurt. "But why?" "Now you know its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Besides you not suppose to see me now," Lynn said.

Mark crossed his arms with a pout on his face. Lynn suddenly felt sorry for him. "Honey, you'll see me tomorrow. I love you." "I love you," Mark said with love in his eyes. He kissed her goodnight and headed for bed. Lynn made sure Storm was settled in and she went to bed.

Chapter 3

"Lynn hold still while I button the rest of these buttons," Her grandmother said. "You look so beautiful sis," Storm said. All the women in the room agreed. The white lace gown was low cut in the front, long with a train in the back. "You know I like this tiara headdress. It makes you look like a queen, Lynn," Grandmother said.

Storm lowered the veil down on Lynn's face. "She's ready. Thank you, everyone, for helping. Now I need to speak to my sister alone."

Suddenly the room had emptied. Storm took both Lynn's hands. "A woman's life can be marvelous or it can be terrible," Storm said quietly. "She can let life happen to her, or she can make life happen. God put the power in her to decide. Make that decision carefully before you leave the canopy, then never complain about it. Now…it's time."

She felt Storm's kiss on her brow through the veil, and then they began their walk.

All the people she loved most in the world stood waiting, but the only person she really saw was the man she loved.

It had to be love, or she could never have considered his proposal a second time after what he'd done to her.

With each step she absorbed a little more of Storm's wisdom until it seemed to distill throughout her entire being. By the time she'd mad her way to Mark's right side, her mind and heart were in accord, and for the first time in months, she experienced a sense of peace.

With this acceptance, she felt a flood of relief and cast her eyes in Mark's direction. Kane, standing at Mark's side, her father and grandmother sitting on the front row. Mark, who wore an all black dress suit, looked beautiful to her.

Storm held her by the other arm and pulled her away to begin the walk around her bridegroom. Seven circles to signify that he was now the center of her world. An d she of his.

When she came abreast of him for the last time, he was waiting for her. After lifting the veil, he pulled her into his arms. They stood in a semiembrace before the priest, her heart pounding wildly against his chest.

The marriage blessings went past her. In a kind of daze, she took the ring from the pillow Storm handed her and slid it on Mark's finger.

Still glassy-eyed, she watched Mark take the ring from the pillow Kane offered. Suddenly her veil was lifted, and Mark's green eyes found hers. Such different eyes from the ones she'd looked into at the cafeteria in Manhattan, New York. This time she saw life in them; this time they acknowledged her. But she still detected a lingering shadow. Pain? Sadness? What put it there? It didn't use to be there, my darling.

"I love you." He mouthed the words, then stole a kiss from her lips before he lowered the veil, caressing her arms as he did so. Before the priest pronounced them husband and wife, Storm placed the broom before them. Lynn caught the glint in Mark's eye before they jumped over the broom.

"You're my wife now," mark said aloud. Lynn blushed because her husband statement had replaced the priest, which was not part of the marriage ceremony. His words reached every corner of the chapel and produced smothered laughter from everyone, including the priest.

After the final benediction, she could hold out no longer and gave in to her desire, when the kissed it was like an explosion.

They broke the kiss, coming up for air. "Shall we greet our guests, Mrs. Callaway?" His question against her lips broke the hushed silence. With a nod from the priest, Mark grasped her hand and led her the short distance to the adjoining social hall where everyone meet them with cries of laughter and delight.

"I've missed you," was all Mark said before he lowered his head and claimed her mouth once more. Mark was hiding a terrible secret from her. He had broken with her because of it. Something he couldn't talk about. But he'd always wanted her.

Chapter 4

On the way home, as Kane drove the newlyweds from the church to the mansion, she’d figured out what she had to do if she wanted this marriage to take hold. And she did.

After a quick shower, she slipped into Mark’s robe and tied the belt loosely around her protruding stomach. She used a couple of towels to dry her freshly shampooed hair then braided it so it hung down to her shoulder.

Mark was somewhere in the mansion, turning off lights, seeing to whatever needed doing. When he came to bed, he would find he was not alone.

As she entered his room, the soft glow from a beside lamp revealed her husband stretched out on the king sized bed. He lay on his side in a relaxed position facing her; his head propped in his left hand. The comforter covered the lower half of his body. His bare muscular chest and tattooed arms had been left exposed. His hair hung loose.

Mark motioned for Lynn to come to him. She walked slowly toward him. He traced a finger along the outline of her mouth. “You’re so beautiful.” Moisture intensified the green of eyes. “I don’t deserve you.”

“If you don’t, then who? She smiled to cover her puzzlement. Why don’t you deserve me? Lynn thought.

“Lynn…” He drew her close to him, settling her against the pillows so he could look down at her. They studied each other quietly.

Finally Lynn spoke. “Mark-“ “I want to love you all night, my Lynn.” He pushed the covers back and was completely naked. He untied the bathrobe Lynn had on. It slid to the floor.

Mark kissed her deeply and hungrily. He positioned Lynn on top of him and entered into her slowly. When he was fully in her, she threw back her head and moaned. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as they rocked together. “Oh baby,” Mark moaned. “You’re so beautiful.” Lynn gasped. She called him by the name she had not called him in a long time. “My lord, help me, help me to release,” she begged.

“Hold on baby, here I come,” with that Mark thrust inside her faster and faster until they both reached the climax and exploded together.

Lynn lay on top of Mark for a few minutes. Then she settled down next to him. And they fell asleep holding each other.

Chapter 5

Mark pulled the car to a stop in the parking lot at the airport. This would be their first separation since the wedding. They’d spent all night saying goodbye. Neither of them was ready to let the other go. But Lynn knew that Mark had an obligation to the WWF. She knew this going into the marriage.

The sight of those beautiful brown eyes swimming in tears had the power to make him to just about anything. “I’m going to miss you horribly. Promise me you’ll call me as often as you can?” “I swear it, Lynn.”

He pulled her into his arms one last time. Though he expected to return, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her again.

“I don’t see Kane.” She wiped her eyes. They glinted like diamonds. “He had some last-minute business to attend to, but he’ll be here soon. I have to go. If you can’t reach me on the cell phone for some reason or other, don’t worry. I’ll be phoning you as often as I can.”

He forced himself from the car to help her change places. Once she was behind the wheel, he pulled his suitcase from the back seat. He leaned inside the open window to give her one hard, final kiss.

“You’d better go, baby. Otherwise you might be late for your doctor’s appointment. Let me know how you like your new obstetrician.” “I will. Come back soon. I love you.” Her voice quavered on the last words.

“You’re my life Lynn. Remember that.” Mark kissed two fingers, then touched them to her lips. She nodded bravely, then drove off. He watched until her car disappeared around the corner.

Chapter 6

Lynn got out of the car and started walking up the drive toward the front staircases, built-in the shape of a skeleton. Death Valley resembled the gargoyles. The mansion had a gothic-style. After pounding long and hard, Lynn decided to drop in without giving Kane’s father notice. Mark had once mentioned that Kane’s father traveled a good deal of the year. He might not be here. She didn’t care. Now was as good a time as any to call on the one who could give her answers.

She looked up the broad expanse of the stairway. Now that she was over seven and a half months pregnant, the climb was a little intimidating. Still, by the time she reached the top she hadn’t fared too badly.

A middle-aged woman who appeared to be the housekeeper answered the door. She stared at Lynn with uninterested eyes until Lynn introduced herself. Then she seemed taken aback. “Mark’s wife? Were Mr. Bearer expecting you?” “No. I thought I’d drop in for a visit. Is he home?” “Yes. You’re fortunate to catch him. He’s leaving for the Orient in the morning.”

Lynn couldn’t believe her luck. “Wonderful. Would you tell him I’m here?” “You can tell him yourself if you like. He’s in the rose garden. “Is that the garden beyond the right wing. “Yes.” “Then I know where it is and I’ll find him. Thank you.” “You’re welcome.”

Lynn walked toward the garden. Then she saw him; a middle-aged man in casual clothes, walking through the garden whose rose bushes had been neatly pruned for winter. She saw that his features was much like Kane’s; except that he was a little on the heavy side.

“Hello? Lynn called from a distance because he hadn’t noticed her yet and she didn’t want to startle him. He turned in her direction and watched in silence as she approached him. When she got within five feet of him, she came to a standstill. A chill went through her body.

Mark’s eyes had held the sorrow of the world. Kane’s father eyes were dead. She felt as if she might throw up, but there was no place to be sick. She wanted to run, but her body stayed frozen in place. You came for answers.

“My name is Lynn Callaway. I’m Mark’s wife. I’m sure Kane has told you about me, even if Mark hasn’t. As you can see, I’m expecting his child. “We’re going to have a boy at the end of December. I love Mark very much, and thought it was time we met.”

“How do you do? Come over here, please.” Lynn followed him to a charming area of the garden where two marble benches had been placed in a semicircle.

“Are you and Mark happy?” To Lynn’s stunned surprise, she heard a note of urgency in Kane’s father’s voice. It said that he cared that he worried.

“We would be completely happy if I knew how to take Mark’s sadness away,” Lynn said frankly. “He’s struggling with something he can’t talk about. You must know what it is. Mark has never said the words. Can you help me understand?”

Paul Bearer eyes fell. “It all happened when Mark and Kane were teenagers. There was a fire, Mark’s mother and father died in that fire. Kane, my poor Kane, he was badly burned. He had to have plastic surgery to repair the damage. The surgery left a long scar on the left side of his face and some on his arm and back.”

“Oh dear God,” Lynn gasped. “Mark must have been devastated.” “Mark blames himself for the fire. He feels he should have saved him,” Paul said.

“Where was Mark?” Lynn asked. “Mark wasn’t there. He was away at the time. “If only he had of been there. I could have…” Paul voice trailed off. He had a dark look on his face. Lynn jerked her head forward. “What did you say?”

He had a secret. He didn’t want to talk about it. Lynn sensing that she had over stayed her welcome said, “You want me to leave don’t you?” He looked uncomfortable because he started to fidget. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you. I’ll go. Thank you for talking to me.” As Lynn turned to leave, Paul Bearer got up. “Mark is a lucky man. I wish I was lucky.” “Thank you,” Lynn whispered before she hurried away, her thoughts racing ahead to her husband.

Heartache Part Two Chapters 7-16

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