~~Iya's Romance/ Love Poetry~~

All poems are written by Mistress Iya

~Dark One From the Past~
Copyright Iya2001

How do you say all the things you want to say
to someone you've just pushed away
All the feelings, thoughts, and emotions coming back from the past
It was all done and said way too fast
Leaving those behind and trying to get over that somone
But just when you thought the battle has been won
Those feelings, thoughts, and emotions keep coming back.

The tenderness of your touch, the sweet smell of you near by
I can't think of saying that last goodbye
The whipser of your voice, the softness of your kiss
The more I think about it, the more of you I miss
I've kept everything hidden deep down inside
Perhaps it's just to keep my pride
But the time has come to stop and start over.

Now just friends, the closest of friends
But the feeling is there deep within, I can't pretend
Each time we talk, each time we're together now
I keep thinking there's a way to make it work some way some how
So confused about things said and done
I want to go away, just run
But something keep pulling me back to you.

Oh dark one from the past
Will this be forever, will this last
Oh dark one from the past
We've got to cease the day, we've got to think fast
Oh dark one from the past
We can't go on like this, go on into the open vast
Oh dark one from the past

~But Still I Cry...~

But still I cry...
I cry out for you
My heart bleeds for you and my darkened sould aches for you.
My sun rises and my moon sets for you
My dreams come alive and my fears melt away for you.
For you, I would sail oceans, I would walk across deserts
For you, I would die a thousand horrible deaths
Fo you, I would kiss away your tears and blood
For you, I would pledge my undying love for you
For you, I would open the sky and denounce the planets
For you, I will live...
But still I cry...
I love you forever...

~Random Bit of Poem~
Copyright Iya2000

It's like I know you're there,
I can feel you, see you, taste you, hear you
Everything around you is real and true
pure and yet darkened
It's you I want it's you I need
to be mine forever, to hold and to kiss
to look up at the stars at night with
to cry with, to laugh with, to cherish forever...

~To: Adrian Manson~
Copyright Iya1999
Written in my blood

My heart has opened up to you
Take it and hold it gentle in your hands
Do not breakt it, don't throw it away
for this is the first it has been released
after death and darkness haunted it hallow.

I care for you like no one else
Yet you turn away and hide
Opened up my life to you and gave you everything I had
Now don't take it and run
Don't take it and hide away, love me.

I'd like to show my world to you
Open up and let you in to see what's hidden deep within
Complex and fragile yet burning to be with you
I love you like no other
And that will never change.

Copyright Iya1999

Love? What exactly is "love"?
Love vb. 1. Cherish 2. To feel 3. Strong passion, devotion or tenerness for
Love n. 1. Strong affection 2. Warm attachment 3. Sttraction based on sexual desire 4. Beloved Person 5. Unselfish, loyal, and benevolant concern for others.

Passion the emotion as distinguished from reason, rage/ anger object of affection or enthusiasim.

I long for the day of love...
I've been broken and torn apart
then put back together all over again
Today I notice I've had enough,
can't take it anymore, any longer.

Emotions too intense to sort through
Tied up tight ready to release someday
Walking through door after door to get it slammed back in your face
wishful thinking in any case.

Raped of all desire, all willingness to fight back
Taken, broken, torn, shred the pieces up
Small bits of left over soul are hiding away
To greet the night and howl at the darkness
Broken and brused so badly to end the pain that is known all to well...

Love, is it needed, does it exsist, for what, for who?

~The Way I Feel~
Copyright Iya1999

The way I feel about you...
it's like there's this deep, dark, black hole inside me
And you came along and filled the hole with your soul
But it didn't go away, it's only smaller now, filled
The more and more I grow to love you,
with each passing day I learn to open up,
to give of myself to you, the one true one I love.
Can't control the thoughts and emotions that building up inside.
All those for you, for you.
Things seem so strange when you are not around,
and we have parted for some time.
I sit and search my head and broken, blackened heart for
meaning and reality to come of all this.
Never does this happen, no matter how hard I try,
nothing comes of it.
So much chaos, so much emotions, built up energy that comes to me.
But I need you to open me up, to hold me, to touch me,
and be there for me and with me...forever!
For I am always with you, and always will be, to hold you, touch you,
need you, love you...forever!

Copyright Iya2000

As I watch you in the distant windows
while I dreive away to come right back again,
I sadly turn the corner to a memory of the past.
That memory stays deep within
nver fades, never diminishing, always right there.
Hoping to see you once again very soon
and that memory will be no longer a memory once again.
I can't stand to see your face so sad,
so lonely, so depressed, it makes me want to cry all night.
Sadly, I drive away only becuase I know I need to
but will come back soon for you.
Just to greet you with your arms wide open
ready to accept me back, holding me tightly deep within.

You are the shinning sun in my life
The thing that keeps me going and never running out.
You give me hope and courage to continue on life's wicked journey
to take the extra steps and climb the mountain higher and higher.
You make me feel love, you make me love again and open up my heart
to the one that lets me love
You are what I long for, need, want, desire, and hold
so tightly with both hands being very careful never to let you go.
You bring me warmth and peacefulness
that fills my whole body and gives me cool tickles
You are the one that can make me smile, laugh, and let me be me!
I thank you for all this and so much more...
You are the reason I am here and I am moving forward
for it is you that is inside my heart, my body, my head,
you are the one.

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