Night of Passion

Writen by Takersangel

I walked into the local bar and sat at the bar. I waited for the bartinder to ask me what i wanted and i looked all around the room. 'Same people and same assholes trying to get a one night stand from these trumps called women'i said to myself. Envy coursed through my veins and such hatrd too. 'Oh well let them have their fun'i said to myself "May i get you a drink?"a voice asked me

I turned around to find the bartinder waiting for my drink order. With superfical smile on my lips and i sat stait in my chair. "Yes you may"i said to him "What would you like?"the bartinder asked me "I would like to have bloody mary with some JD on the side"i said to him "All alrightly then,i'll be back with your drink"he said to me "Thank you"i said to him

He walked away from me to make my drink and i fixed my tight black shirt with my black pants that looked like bell bottoms with my black high top reeboks that i wore with it. Soon my drink was in front of me. I stared it at first but then i drink it and i felt good to.

I could hear a sound of very loud motorcycle come close to the bar and then go silent.He walked with a purpose with his dark brown tied in a ponytail with a Harly Davidson banana around his head. He wore dark sunglasses to hide his green eyes from view and he just finished wrestling at the nearest arena not enough from the bar. I could hear him enter the bar and make his way to where i was sitting at.

'Why is my breathe quicking'i said to myself It felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and i had hard time trying to calm myself. Slowly i drank my drink trying to cool myself off but i couldn't cool myself and my body temperature was rising with every second that was going by.

He sat right next to me and i took look at him. 'Oh my goodness he's hot' i said to myself "I'll have the unusual Jack"he said in his deep voice His voice seemed to run down my spaine and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I sat right there trying to keep my emotions in check. After getting his drink he just sat there staring at the brew that was before him. I gathered up enought strength to start up a convention with him.He turned and looked at me.

"Hello my name is Anne what's yours"i asked him "Hi my name is Taker"he said to me "Nice to meet you 'Taker"i said to him "Nice to meet you Anne"he said to me

He extended his hand for me shake and my hand was small compared to his large one. As we shoke hands i felt a volt of elecrity shoot up my arms and slowly he let go of my hand.

"Do you come to this bar alot?"i asked him "Yes"he said to me "Do you come to this bar to?"he asked me "Yeah when i feel like nothing matters in the world and i'm soaking my troubles"i said to him

He raised an eyebrow at me and i didn't know what he was thinking. "What troubles would you have?"he asked me "I won't want to burgan you" i said to him "You won't be"he said to me "Well my troubles is that i can't find any man to fulfull my needs as a woman and be there for me" i said to him "What needs do you have?" he asked me

I took a deep breathe before telling him. "The needs i have are mens leave me unfulfilled and leaving a bigger burning desire within me"i said to him "Seems like we have something common then"he said to me "We do?"i asked him "Yes"he said to me "May i ask you a question 'Taker?"i asked him "Sure"he said to me before he took another sip of his JD "Can you take off your glasses so i can see your eyes?"i asked him

He looked at me with concern and then he seemed very weary of taking off his glasses for me. I could see it in his movements and the way he acted too. Finally he took off his glasses and he clipped them to his leather vest he was wearing. I was staring into the darkest green eyes i've ever seen in my life.HIs eyes seemed to see into my very soul.

"You have very genorus eyes 'Taker"i said to him "Thank you"he said to me "Your welcome"i said to him "I never seen such deepest color of green in my life and i love the artwork on your arms"i said to him "Thank you people just want to put ink on someone famous and say i'd tattoed that guy"he said to me "So tatto artists just as you a walking display of artwork they've done and people do see you they'd want the number and location of the artist who done a certain artwork on you"i said to me "Yes correct"he said to me "I used to have tat on my left arm that a heart with my name and my ex's name in it with an arrow going through it, man i was blind to see"i said to him "See what?"he asked me "To see that all he wanted was to get in my pants and he didn't care about me,plus i caught him making love to my sister in our apartment we'd were sharing for 6 months"i said to him

"Just speaking about this opens the wounds in my heart and sometimes when i close my eyes i can still them calling each others names as they came together"i said to him I blinked away tears forming in my eyes that threaten to fall now. I could feel myself about to break down in front of him and i didn't want that to happen. "I know what you're feeling and i've been there"he said to me "You have?"i asked him

My voice was creaking and it didn't sound human either. Silently tears fell from my eyes and i went to hop off my seat when he softly grabbed my arm. I looked up at him and i could see in his eyes that he didn't know why he grabbbed my arm to stop me from leaving.With his other hand he wiped my tears away and i held his hand to my face. I kept on my check just feeling the warmth of it and pulled his hand to my lips.Slowly i pulled each of his fingers to my mouth and kissed each one with softest of kisses that i had in my body that moment.

'What am i doing i bearly know him?'i asked myself After kissing each other his fingers and he left go of my arm. He took money out of his pocket and laid the money on the counter.

We walked out of the bar in hand and hand. Meanwhile my mind was racing for control at this point in time.We walked to his bike black and gray harly davidson motorcycle and he got on the bike. He turned his head to look at me and i was wondering 'why in the world i am going with this man i barly know him'. He got off the bike and walked over to me.

"Please don't let this be a one time stand"i said to him "It won't"he said to me

He extended his hand to me and accepted with no regrets with me. He came to a stop right in front of the bike and lifted me off the ground.I grabbed his wrist as he placed me on the bike,i moved back for him to get on.Soon as he sat down on the bike i wrapped my arms around his waist. He started up the bike and kicked the kick stand back. We were off to destination unknown and i laid my head on his back. I felt his hair been blown in the night and i loved the feeling next to this man. We wized by many cars in the streets and some people look at us and then did a double take like their eyes were playing tricks on them. We turned onto a dirt road that lend to wooden area and he kept driving through the woods until he got to a certain point. He pulled over and parked the bike. I unwrapped my arms from around his waist and carefully got off the bike without falling off either.

"There's a cabin not far from here"Taker said "Ok"i said to him

We followed the dirt path that lend us toward a large size cabin and cool brezze blew through my hair.

'Clean, cool mountain air'i said to myself.

We walked up to the door which he picked me and carried me over the teshhold like groom carring his bride. I was giggling and i kicked the door shut with my free foot. He continued to carry me toward a door at the end of the hallway and with his leg softly kicked the door open. Then i kicked it shut with my free foot and he carried me toward a four poster bed. He carefully dropped me unto the bed and i felt the soft silk of the covers and satin sheets beneath the covers. We looked into each others eyes and our kiss lips met in a kiss. Our hands carassed each other bodies and he pulled back from the kiss. He slowly pulled my shirt up and i pulled up his shirt from inside in his tight black pants that hugged in the right places.I ran my hands over his well muscled chest very timdly thinking he wasn't real.

' Oh but he is real' i said to myself As i ran my hands over his chest he unclapped my black lacy bra that i wore.Slowly i pulled each arm out of each strap, he placed on it on the floor where our shirts now laid at. Now my hands went to his arms tracing each of his tats.

"I love the demon"i said to him "Thank you"he said I felt him tint on my chin up to face him and he lend down. He started to kiss my neck with light nap too.

"MMMMM Taker that feels so good"i moaned "If you think that feels good wait and see what i do next"he said to me 'What he is going to next'i said before stopping in a midsentence

The reason why i stopped in midsentence is b/c he took my left brest into his hot mouth and ran his cool tongue over my nipple. By he was driving me crazy with desire and pleasure combined. No man has ever caused such desire nor such pleasure until now i felt like i was on fire. My hands went up and down his back telling him to go on with on not to stop this. I was loving this sweet tortune and he did the same on the other one.

"You're driving me insane with pleasure and desire Taker"i whispered in his ear My breathing become very shallow and his skin felt so hot under my hands. He started to kiss his way on down chest to my belly and i shivleras i felt his lips trailing down my belly. Then he kissed his way back to my lips and i moved some of his hair out of his face. We kissed again and we finished undressing each other .Now doubt started to form in me and i become unsure of myself now. With our eyes locked on each others he slowly entered me. I gasped when he fully entered me and i bit my lip.

'She's so tight it's been to long since she had sex'he said to hisself. He moved slowly within me trying to get me to get used to him. Soon i was used to him and he started to move much faster than before. I felt at lease 6 orgamsims before i called his name. I could see he was trying to control but his eyes told me that he couldn't keep holding like this. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he put his left hand on my back. I was lift to his face and i turned my head so i could whispered his ear.

"'Taker come ahead release yourself upon me i want you to"i whispered to him "Are you sure i don't want to hurt you"he said to me "You're not going to hurt me,you need your release"i said to him He lowered my back back unto the bed and made passionate unbield love to me. Just before i cried his name i felt like i was in heaven and i hoped he felt the same way. "Taker"i yelled out "Anne"he cried before spilling his seed in me

We laid in each other's arms with sweat from our love making and we fell asleep in each other's arms dranied from our encounter. I woke the next morning tosinging of the birds and the sun pouring into the room. I moved to find him but he was gone.


I put my head in my hands and cried. Tears were going to my face and i felt used for a one night stand. 'He used me just like the rest of those men back at the bar,he's no different'i said to myself.

"Why are you crying Anne?"a very deep voice asked me I looked up and found him standing in the door way. He had his arms crossed his chest and he walked over to me. He walked very slowly and he moved his hip from side to side.

'Damn must he do that'i said to myself. I wiped away all my tears before he sat down right beside me. "Why were you crying Anne?"he asked me again "I was crying thinking that you used for a one night stand"i said to him "No wasn't like that Anne, i didn't want to wake you up you looked so peaceful as you slept"he said to me "I did"i said to him "Yes like an angel from heaven"he said to me "Thank you" was all i could say to him.

"'Taker when do you go back on the road?"i asked him "Today"he said with regret in his voice "I see i better get dressed so you can go back on the road"i said to him Slowly i grabbed all my clothes and walked over to the bathroom. I closed the room and fell to my knees. New tears were coming my face and i wished he didn't have to back on the road,but he has a job to do. I got up and dressed very quickly than i wanted to. After getting dressed i took a deep breathe and opened the bathroom door.I saw him standing at the window thinking.

'What is he thinking about'i asked myself I walked over to him and held his hand. He looked over at me and smiled. I merely smiled back and too my self-control not to cry right in front of him.I pulled me into his arms and held me. We just stood there taking the last touches of each other's bodies and my heart was breaking. After our embrance we look into each other's eyes for the last time before walking out of the room and the cabin. We walked in silence not knowing what to say or how to comfort each other. We arrived at his titan bike and we climbed on it. He reeved it up and drove the road the lend to the main road. I held to him very tightly if i was holding him for the last time and i took every single moment to remember him.

'I hope he's doing the same thing'i said to myself. The ride seemed to be so short to me and we arrived at the bar. He parked the bike in the parking lot and turned it off. That told me to unwrap my arms from around his waist and get off. Slowly i got off the bike and i looked into his eyes for the last time.

"Thank you"i said to him I kissed his lips for the last time and i pulled back from the kiss. He ran his hand down my face and i placed mine his face. After few minutes we both pulled our hands away from each other. I turned around and walked away from him. It took my strength that had in me not to run back to him and i knew he was battling the same thing as me.I walkedover to my car and pulled out my car keys. I looked back and he wasn't there.

"It's for the best and then why i feel like i let him go"i said to myself I unlocked my car and drove off i couldn't help to feel like i let him go. I drove home and entered the house. Upon my arrival at my home i found a letter with a rose. 'Could this be from him' i wondered to myself I opened the note and a plane ticket,a backstage pass fell out of the letter.

Dear Anne, It hurts me so bad to have you right beside me. I feel like i'm love all over again and i'm thinking to myself can this be true. I guess it is ture please if you decide to take the plane ticket and backstage pass meet me at gate 13 in an hour Taker

"Damn i better hurry"i said to myself I ran around my house grabbed and packing my things into my suitcase. Then i ran out of the house and to the car. I started the car up and drove out of my driveway.I drove like woman giving birth to a child and i didn't care about getting a speeding ticket from a state trooper. After parking my car in the lot i ran into the airport and i looked all around for him. After looking for few minutes i saw him standing at the gate waiting for me

"Taker"i yelled He looked over at me and i ran over to him. "Taker"i said "Anne"he said to me He had his arms open for me and ran right into them. He held me for dear life as i held him to me as well. We pulled from our embrace and walked together to the gate.

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