~No Way Out~

February, 25th, 2001 Night of No Way Out

It was quite the match, the three way tag team table match. The Dudley Boyz, Christian and Edge, and Kane and Undertaker. The entrance of Kane was huge, higher flames tonight I think, and he's got yet another new outfit.(All black, much more sadistic!) 'Taker is back to his old symbol, incorperated with Deadman Inc. it's very interesting. The brothers were working together tonight quite well, the only problem is that Rakishi and Haku interfered with the match costing 'Taker and Kane the win. Undertaker was on the top turn buckle in one corner, Kane in the other, and they both did Kane's Flying Lariat, and then, they were just about to both do 'Taker's Last Ride as Rakishi and Haku entered and proceeded to beat them pretty well. But, you know the brothers, back on their feet and pissed as all hell!! Someone will get a beating on Monday night I'm sure.

~Royal Rumble Results~

January 21, 2001 Night of the Royal Rumble

Well, 'Taker didn't work w/ Kane too long, as saddly he was thrown out not too long after he got into the ring. Actually, Undertaker didn't work too long with anyone...he was tossed out not long after he entered. Kane entered as number three in the rumble and was in with Stone Cold as the last two, until Stone Cold got Kane over the top and became the last man standing. Kane sure deserved to be the final man, as he was putting up a good fight for just about the whole match! Undertaker faught well, but with as many people as there were in the ring at the time of his enterance, there wasn't a lot of hope for him. Big Show made his return to the WWF for the Rumble and was tossed out pretty quickly, even for as big as he has become. (Guess that training didn't work as well as he might have hoped) All in all, the match was pretty good, Undertaker didn't stay in nearly long enough, and Kane sure amazed the crowd by staying in almost the whole time. We'll have to see on Monday what Undertaker has to say about the whole thing.

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