~The History of Undertaker~

Starting with 1995

Here I have posted some of the more major events of Undertaker's career in the WWF since 1995. They aren't all detailed and some are missing some information, but it should give you an idea of how the Undertaker has taken many different twists and turns in his time with the WWF. Let Iya know if you have anything to contribute concerning 'Taker's history. THanks.


25/06/95 WWF King Of The Ring 1995 Mabel Vs Undertaker - Quarter Final match. Mabel wins by pinfall, after Kama attacks UT behind the referee's back. Mabel goes on to win the tournament.

23/07/95 In Your House II Dark match - Undertaker Vs Kama Undertaker wins.

27/08/95 SummerSlam 1995: Undertaker Vs Kama Casket Match. Undertaker wins.

25/09/95 RAW - Undertaker Vs British Bulldog. Sir Mo and King Mabel show up at ringside and attack the Undertaker. Mabel, Mo and Bulldog attack Undertaker. Shawn Michaels and Diesel come down to equalise the sides, then Yokozuna and Own Hart come down to tun the balance in favour of the "heels", before the Smoking Gunns come down to once again equalise the sides. Undertaker wins by DQ.

09/10/95 RAW Undertaker/Shawn Michaels/Diesel Vs British Bulldog/Yokozuna/Owen Hart. Yokozuna gives Diesel a leg drop behind the referee's back to enable Bulldog to pin Diesel. Dean Douglas, Mo and Mabel come down. Mable attacks UT, whips him into corner, then whips Yokozuna into UT, Mabel then splashes UT in the corner. Mabel and Yokozuna begin dropping leg drop after leg drop on UT. Meanwhile the Bulldog is attacking Diesel, while Owen and Douglas are attacking Michaels. Douglas suplexes Michaels onto the ringside steel steps.

19/11/95 SurvivorSeries 1995: The Dark Side ( Undertaker, Fatu, Henry Godwin and Savio Vega ) Vs The Royals ( Jerry "The King" Lawler, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Issaac Yankam, "King" Mabel). The Entire Darkside team are the sole survivors. Undertaker eliminates Lawler, Yankam with the Tombstone Piledriver, HHH with a chokeslam and Mabel lets himself be counted out rather than face the Undertaker. 27/11/95 RAW Undertaker Vs Kama - Kama comes to ringside on clutches. Sir Mo subsitutes for Kama so it is UT Vs Mo. UT tombstones Mo to get the pin.

19/12/95 In Your House V Undertaker Vs Mabel - Casket Match. Undertaker wins.Afterwards Undertaker is interviewed about his upcoming WWF title shot against Bret Hart. Diesel interrupts and says that he is the No 1 contender, and not the Undertaker. 1996


xx/01/06 Royal Rumble 1996 Undertaker Vs Bret Hart for the WWF title. Undertaker wins by DQ, following interference from Diesel. ( Title can only change hands on a pinfall or submission, not a DQ or Countout. ).

05/02/96 RAW Undertaker Vs Bret Hart. Diesel comes down to commentary table. UT goes for Tombstone Piledriver, but accidentally hits referee with Hart's feet as he gets Hart into position. on the outside Diesel attacks Bret, so UT attacks Diesel then turns attention to Bret, Diesel hits UT across the back with a steel chair, and then applies his JackKnife power bomb to UT three times in the middle of the ring. Hart recovers and battles Diesel back to the locker room, UT gets up and follows. The official calls the match a draw.
18/02/96 - In Your House VI - Bret Hart Vs Diesel for WWF title - Cage Match. Diesel is going for cage door, when UT bursts through the canvas and drags Diesel under the ring. Hart manages to escape the cage and win the match. Diesel emerges with his clothes in tatters.
19/02/96 Undertaker Vs Tatanka. UT wins with the tombstone piledriver. During the match Diesel, carrying an axe, comes down to ringside, grabs a camera man and then leaves. The arena big screen TV shows Diesel backstage attacking UT's casket with the axe. Backstage, after the match, Paul Bearer promises that Diesel will pay for this.
26/02/96 - Diesel Vs Bob Holly. Diesel wins match. Then the lights go off and then on again. UT is standing in the entrance way. Diesel goes up to meet him, and is almost there when the lights go off again. When the lights come back on, UT is standing in the ring. UT predicts Diesels' demise.

12/03/96 - Jim Ross is interviewing Paul Bearer, about Goldust next to a closed casket which suddenly opens to reveal the Undertaker. Mankind arrives and smacks the casket lid down shut, and ties it shut. While Goldust and Marlena keep Paul Bearer at bay, Mankind attacks the casket with a steel pole 31/03/96 Wrestlemania XII Undertaker Vs Diesel. Undertaker wins with Tombstone Piledriver.

28/04/96 In Your House VII Undertaker Vs Mankind. Mankind Wins.

26/05/96 IYH: Beware OF Dog Undertaker Vs Goldust - Casket Match - Goldust wins with help from Mankind.

09/06/96 - RAW - Undertaker Vs British Bulldog. Bulldog wins by count out, when the Undertaker is unable to get back in the ring, due to Mankind appearing from beneath the ring and holding his legs.
23/06/96 WWF King Of The Ring 1996 Undertaker Vs Mankind. Mankind wins by submission.
24/06/96 - RAW - Undertaker Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. UT wins by DQ. following interference from Goldust.

21/07/96 In Your House XI - Undertaker Vs GoldDust. Undertaker Wins.
29/07/96 - RAW - Undertaker Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin wins by count out. When UT leaves the ring to attack Mankind.

05/08/96 - RAW - Raw Invitational Battle Royal. Winner gets WWF title shot. Participants are : Justin " Hawk" Bradshaw, British Bulldog, Steve Austin, Savio Vega, Owen Hart, Marc Mero, Mankind, Ahmed Johnson, Goldust, Sid, and Undertaker. Undertaker attacks Mankind before the bell rings. They both manage to eliminate each other.
18/08/96 SummerSlam96 Undertaker Vs Mankind. Boiler Room Brawl The first person to escape the boiler room and get to the ring, wins the urn. Undertaker Wins by DQ. Paul Bearer and Mankind attack UT, UT has to be carried from the ring by the druids

22/09/96 IYH: Undertaker Vs Gold Dust "Final Curtain Match". The rules are the same as a "Rest In Peace" match. UT wins.

20/10/96 IYH: Mind Games Undertaker Vs Mankind. "Buried Alive Match" To win the match you must put your opponent in a grave, and then bury them. Undertaker wins.

No Information

15/12/96 IYH: Undertaker Vs The Executioner "Armageddon Rules Match" Undertaker wins match.

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