~Meet Destiny~
Written by Lady_Shyann

Disclaimer-These stories are the work of purely fiction like so many others in the near future.(Please bear with me, This is my first story about Kane and Taker.) (******Thinking is marked by******) THANK YOU.

Chapter 1

Just after graduation I moved to this little town called Chinuki. In Texas it was quiet, Population of 16,000. I was 19yrs old and use to live in Ohio.I move to Texas on a great job offer, My mom and dad encourageed me to take it. I was to be assisting a doctor for Internal Medicine.Top it off I make $150.000 a year. Just starting out which is pretty good money for a 19-20 year old.

My parents were helping me move to a beach house it was a 6 bedroom home all brick. It indeed is a very elegant, And about a 30 minutes from the local Funeral Home. The Portly man named Paul Bearer was the owner of the funeral home,I was to help him 4 days a week. There was only him and five others neighbors a great distance apart. Before I came Mr. Bearer was shipped my file and had chosen me to be his temporary asst. Everyone Knew he was a Wrestling Manager and I knew of his son Kane from T.V. But never knew that he lived with his dad or down the road from me.

One day as I was getting ready for my first day of work I drove past the Funeral home and saw the most gorgeous man. It must have been Kane Pauls son. He was dressed in red/black with his mask on.(he was helping put files in his father car.)

'Look Kane there she is ',Kane just stared at my Blazzer. I could feel him watching me. ' Dad is that Cheryl the girl who is to assist you?' 'yes son' 'What does she look like?' Pual started laughing and gave my file to Kane he just stared at the picture.

**She is beautifull could it be a Angel here to show me the way of love.** Paul had picked up on the thought and said 'maybe' with a smile. Kane just looked and tilted his head. 'Well son how would you like to meet her?'

'NO,NO she will be disgusted of me'.(He violently shock his head NO.) 'Kane Cheryl is a special woman' 'How do you know dad?' 'I just do.' 'You should be with me today.' 'so get in and hold on to some files.' On the way to the Hospital all Kane thought about was me.(Pual Knew it.) I was paged by Paul. 'Cheryl I'm here Pual meet me in the Morgue.' I called down to the morgue and Pual had the speaker phone on and was talking to me about the things

I was to do for the day.'Cheryl how long are you staying today?'' 'yes I'm staying and working for 24hrs.' 'Ok see you Goodby.'

Chapter 2

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