~Meet Destiny~
Written by Lady_Shyann

Chapter 2

I told him I would be down in 20 minutes I was on my computer. 'Cheryl you know about computers?' 'Yes I do, I have my very own at home Internet and all that good stuff.' 'Well maybe you could come over and help me tonight at home?''I would love to do that for you see you around 6pm.'minutes later downstairs in the morgue I came knocking on the door. Paul opened it.the same time I step in the room Kane tried to hide but Paul already introduced him to me.shook his hand, it was very soft. 'Hi Kane I'm Cheryl.'**Kane started to wonder how I knew his name.**'Are you wondering how I know your name?' I read his thought and Paul, Kane knew I did. Tilted his head to right and shook is head 'Yes''Well Im a big WWF fan.' smiled and asked 'Who are you favorites?''Well Stone Cold, Undertaker.' That's when Kane slumped his shoulders.'And you your Kane you are my favorite of all.' I smiled at him and walked away.'So you are a fan of my son's.''Of course I'm a fan my favorite part is when he choke slams someone.''Paul started to laugh.'

'Cheryl would you mind if I watch the NBA playoffs.''Sure I'm a BIG BULLS FAN.'just looked and groaned 'Girl of all the teams in the world you like that one?''YES, I sure do, I LOVE THE BULLS.'just looked at me and shook his head and turned on the T.V.'Paul I take it you don't like the Bulls?' 'NO,I don't, I LOVE THE JAZZES.'just gave him a look and said 'Of all the teams, the one I despise.'that moment on Paul knew that Kane and I were destined to be together. And what I did proved to Paul that I could stand up for myself.one ever stood up to Paul they were truely scared of him.

No one ever looked him in his eyes, too afraid of what they would find in them. As the day went on I found I was being gazed at by Kane. Everytime I would go around him he would start to breath in the smell of my hair and body.was starting to get hungry so he asked Paul if he could go get something to eat.'Sure son you go home and I will be there in a little while.'' Kane just nodded his head and left.'would haved stayed to eat but that meant he would have had to take off his mask to do so. He was afraid of what I would have said or felt toward him. He should have not worried about me because I love everything about him.

What I learned in my life is just because you may be different from others it doesn't mean you're bad or a bad person because of it. I'm an opened minded person in more ways then one on account that my birthday is ( FRIDAY 13 on a FULLMOON.)that I'm fat, not skinny, but not huge.is that I'm Black, well Biracial. So as the hours passed I was on my way home. At home I was getting ready for bed.had this feeling of being watched like so many other times.had a feeling it was Kane, he was in his car a distance from me to where he could see meI could't see him.I felt Him like so many times before.

Chapter 3

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