~Can't Fight This Feeling~

Writen by Takersangel

Chapter 7

And if I have to crawl upon the floor Come crushing through your door Baby, I can't fight this feeling anymore

Kane ran to our lockerrom and saved Taker's life. With some banages Kane taped Taker's cut and informed him of what happened to me when he was hit over the head with a lead pipe while trying to save me. "Damn him"Taker said to Kane

"Come down Taler and please come down"Kane said to hsi brother "I'm not to come down that son of bitch has the woman i love and i'm going to kill him"Taker said to Kane

"Kane i help"i said weakly "Anne"Kane said to me "Yes... it's .... me"i said to him "Please ..... help..... me"i said to him "Anne what's wrong?"Kane asked me "i'm... losing... my... life... force"i said to him "WHAT!!!!"Taker exclamied

"What do you mean you're losing your life force?"Kane asked me "he's.... stealing.... it.... from.... me"i said weakly "You have to hurry Kane and taker before my life ends"i said "hold on Anne we're coming please hold on"Taker said to me "i'll... try..... Taker... i'll.... try"i said to him

Kane and Taker ran out of the room and into the parking lot. Taker and Kane ran to Kane's rental truck and Kane started the truck up. He put it in drive and drove out of the arena like mad man. All the while Taker sat there thinking about me and how we came together. Tears formed in his eyes atthe throught of losing me. "K...a...n...e...h..u..r..r..y"i said getting weaker

"We're coming Anne please hold on "Taker said to me nearing losing his composture "Y..o..u.'..r..e..g...e...t...t..i...n...g...closer Kane"i said to Kane They pulled up to a rundown building on the otherside of town and Taker just unbuckled his seatbelt and he jumped out before the Kane stopped the truck. "Damn him"Kane hissed

Kane quickly parked the truck and took off after his brother who was not thinking stright at the moment. "He's going to hisself killed"Kane catching up with Taker

Taker walked a man with a cuase and nothing was going to get in this way not even his own flesh and blood. Kane was able to stand in front of his brother and Taker tried everything to get pasted his brother nothing worked.

"Brother listen to me if you walk in there without a plan you're to get yourself killed and do you want Anne to see you get killed before her eyes?"Kane asked his brother Taker's anger slowly cooled down and what Kane made perfect sense. His heart was telling him what to do than his brain was.

"T...a....k...e...r ... i....l....o....v....e....y...o....u..."i said before i took my last breathe "NOOOOOOOOOOO Anne"Taker cried out

Taker ran from his brother's side and kicked in the door followed closely behind him was Kane. "I hope we're in time"Taker silently prayed as he made his way through the building.

Chapter 8

My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you I've been running round in circles in my mind And it always seems that I'm following you, girl

Taker and Kane followed my weaking signing of minspeaking but Taker followed the scent of perfume i put on hours before while i was dress. "It's almost my sweet bride soon our lifeforeces with combined together forever"Russell said to me "I don't know you bastard"i said hotly

"Why you were beautilful when i met you but you're nothing but a whore"Russell said to me "Fuck you asshole"i said spitting in his face

He wiped the spit off his face and he slap me very hard across ny face leaving blue and purple marks to form on my face.The force of the hit near killed me but i was strong but soon i would be his. There was nothing i couldn't do to stop it but i hope that Kane and Taker would save me.Out of coner of my eye i saw my beloved and his brother standing right behind him. I smiled at Taker and i signed to Kane to do something quick before i was Russell's for all time.

"Guess again asshole"Taker said to Russell "Holy shit you're alive"Russell said to Taker "Damn right i come for her you son of bitch"Taker said to Russell "Sorry deadman she's not yours anymore"Russell said to Taker "I hate to brust your bottle Russell i am Taker's"i said to him "How is that possible i was sure you're innocent to men"Russell said to me "I think about Russell i amTaker's and i'll leave you to figure itout"i said to him "NOOOOOOOOOOOO"Russell screamed raising the dagger above me.

Fear filled my body as Russell raised the dagger in the air and i screamed out for Taker. It all happened in slow motion i saw Taker rip pff Russell's arm and then all my lifeforce flowed out of Russell's body and back into mine. I felt like my old self and i saw Taker break Russell's neck and Kane came over and cut the rope off my arms,legs,and my waist. Still very weak Kane helped me over to Taker who picked me into his arms. He held close to him and ifaintedin his arms.

"Come on bro let's go back to the arena"Kane said to Taker placing his hand on Taker's shoulder "Let's go bro"Taker said Kane picking me into his arms.

They walked out of the building and Kane used his power to burn down the place so no more evil could never hurt anyone anymore.After the building was bured Kane drove me and Taker back to the arena without looking back at the burnt building.


Cause you take me to the places that alone I'd never find And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight You're a candle in the window on a cold, dark winter's night

I slwoly opened my eyes ti find myself in Taker's arms and tears start to form in my eyes. One tear fall from my eyes and went down my face.It landed on his arm and he looked down at me. I saw in the first time i saw his eyes to start to mist up and started move around his arms.

"AHHH what happened i feel like i've hit by a truck"i said rubbing my head "I'm glad you're wake Anne"Kane said walking over to me "Thanks to you and Taker i'm very grateful to you"i said to him "No problem Anne"Kane said to me I gave him a hug and he huggd me back. After hugging Kane i waited a minute before speaking. "Kane you're like a big brother to me and i really appreivate it and i'm very happy to have you as big brother i've never had"i said to him "I know Anne you're like well i can't say it but i can say big sister i and the other wrestlers too"Kane said to me

"Kane you must understood what i said to Russell about being Taker's"i saidto him "Yes i understood it very clearly"Kane said to me I felt Taker's arms go around my waist.I smiled serectly about this and i found it hard to think or talk clearly with his arms around me. "Kane someone put a camera up in the bathroom and there's some footage that might be shown"i said to him

"Yeah i know WWF writers decided to to bring back the G-Tv angle and you never know what's going to be shown to national television audience thses days"Kane said to me "Yeah i know it would be so embassing to two people if that footage was shown tonight or Smackdown"i said trying indict that footage that was going to shown at anytime was going to be his own brother and his lover.

"Thank goodness it's not me going to be shown on camera"Kane said laughting I and Taker only laughed a few seconds before Kane realized we stopped laughting. Kane looked at us with concern look and then it finallly hit him like ton of blicks. "Oh My God"Kane said to us

"Yep you're going to see us like you never seen us before"Taker said to Kane "Holy Shit Taker and Anne"Kane said "Holy Shit is right Kane"I said to him "Then i better get down to the ring beofre i get in trouble with Vince for wrestling tonight"i said to them Taker unwrapped his arms from around me and i looked at him. He gave me a kiss on my check and whispered in my ear. "Good luck"he said into my ear 'His voice ticks on my ear'i said to myself "Thank you"i whispered back to him

I walked out of the room leaving Kane and Taker to talk and i silently prayed that nothing else wouldn't happen again tonight as i wrestled for the women's title aganist Ivory of RTC. I saw that she being escored out by Steven Richards leader of RTC and in the back of mind i knew this isn't good. So i decided to even the odds and walked back to Takers lockerroom. I knocked before entering the room. "Come in"Taker said

I walked into the room and waited to be asked to speak.Taker looked at me and smiled. "Kane and Taker would like to know if you two would like to escore me to the ring b/c Steven Richards is in Invory's concer and i fear that he would help her win against me"i said to them "Both of us?"Kane asked me "Yes i have a feeling that the rest of RTC will come to the ring and become more of a problem for me"i confused "Ok we'll do it"Taker said "Thank you"i said to him "Let's go"Kane said to us

Taker,Kane,and I walked with purpose to the black current. We waited a few seconds before walking out to the crowds roar of cheers for me,kane,and Taker. I saw Ivory grabbed the mic and i knew she was talk about how i dress. "You dare walk out like low class woman"Ivory said to me Taker handed me a mic that he took from the back and i took it from him. "Yeah and Ivory it least i have the crowd behind me like you have Steven alwats behind you"I said letting the meaning hit her The anger in her and Steven face was priceless and i wished i had a camera to take a picture of it. "You need to have men walk with you to the ring to help ypu win huh Takersangel"Ivory said to me ""No i only need to come to the odds fair that Steven or any member of RTC doesn't cost me the match"I said hotly to her

With the i threw down the mic and i ran to the ring. I ran under the ring ropes and that's when Invory was stumping a mud hole in me but not for long.I grabbed her ny the thorat and threw her in the coner. I used all upper body shots like my lover Taker does with his oppents and i saw oout of the coner of my eye Taker and Kane smiling at me. Later into the match Ivory got the upper hand once again and was about to put me away when icountered and gave her the lastride powerbomb. I went for the cover and the referree count 1 2 3. Steven tried to stop the count but Kane grabbed him by the leg and choleslamed him to the ring found.

"The winner of this bout and new WWf women's champion Takersangel"the ring annocer said The crowd went nuts and i heard the G-TV music hit the airwaves and my face went totally white like a ghost. 'Oh God'i said to myself as i watched the G-TV gray image hit the screen.

Chapter 10

Cause you take me to the places that alone I'd never find And even as I wander I'm keeping you in sight You're a candle in the window on a cold, dark winter's night

After the G-TV image left the screen and that's when i saw Taker and I in the shawdor together. I looked my right side of me Taker i was standing right beside me and Kane was on my left. The crowd went silent and you could hear a pin drop. I looked down with embrassment and it showed i and Taker's private moment together. There black lines to cover my upper and lower ,y body and the same was done for Taker. After watching that clip I looked up and i didn't know what to do nor what to say. Taker montioned for Jr to come into the ring and i knew this was the most worst night of my life. "Taker can you explain your relationship to us as it realtes to the young woman who stands right beside you with the women's title?"Jr asked Taker I heard sigh before answering the Jr's question.

"My realtionship with Anne is none your business"Taker said very angerly I grabbed his ahdnand very lightly held it in mine and he looked at me with loving look. "My realtionship with her is one that cannot be found anywhere else"Taker said to Jr "Now that someone has showed footage of two in the showder together now what are you to do?"Jr asked Taker

"I'm going to find the Son Of Bitch who filmed us and showed why they call me the American Bad Ass"Taker said to him "You don't need to look any longer"a voice said I looked up the ramp to see my own flesh blood standing right beside Russell. I started to shaking with fear and Kane's eyes narrowed in hate. "I guess i'm the Son Of Bitch Taker"Brenda said laughting

"No you're the girlfriend of bitch"I said to her having grabbed the mic from Jr "Yeah i know iam i'm best"Brenda said to me "Bitch"i said to her about to exit the ring.

I was grabbed by Taker and he pulled me back into the ring. I used my powers to disconnected the titan screen and it fell with thyrderous THUD.I saw horroredlook on both their faces before it came crashed down them. Their bodies were crashed and their blood went everywhere and i smiled in satifcation. "Anne did you do that?"Kane asked me "Yes i did and they had it coming"I said to Kane "Oh My God i've heard such a thud in all my lfe"Kane said to me "I know and what's done is done"i said to him

All of us each on the side of the rump to get back to the lockerroom arena and i had great sorrow in my heart for killing my flesh and blood but none could see the evil power in her eyes that had taken her captive and now i've inherited it. The evil power is no more and now with this new found power i will never used it or speak about it. As Kane,Taker and I walked back to our own lockerrooms i knew this night would live in my mind forever. I followed Taker back to his lockerroom and he shut door behind us i knew i was in for long night.

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