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Also: Some of the stories and poetry found here are of either graphic nature or inlcude swearing. Please be advised now, as this is your choice to read further, can't say I didn't warn you. Thanks


Misc. Poetry by Mistress Iya

  • Iya's romance/ love poems
  • Iya's poems about life
  • Dedicated to dEd puppEt Not really poetry but a section that's decicated to a very special person in my life.



    Please note: If you so choose to send in fan-fiction of any topic, please do the following for me.

  • All fan-fiction that is sent, please put in word doc. and attatch to an e-mail. It's easier to copy and put up, I'll get your stories up faster that way.
  • Pleasee spell check your stories and make sure that appropriate spacing, grammer, and punctuation is used throughout.
  • Please inlcude any warnings, if you use real names, grahpic sex, etc.
  • I only say this so it's easier to enjoy your stories, please feel free to submit any stories of any topic related to this site.
  • Finally, I do have the right to return and not post any stories that I see not fit for any reason. If the reason is concerning spelling, grammer, or punct. I will return it to you for revising.
    Thank you for your cooperation and keep on sending 'em!

    ~Wrestling Related~

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    Night of Passion

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    Can't Fight This Feeling

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