~Can't Fight This Feeling~

Writen by Takersangel

Chapter 2

I only wish I had the strength to let it show I tell myself that I can't hold out forever I said there is no reason for my fear The kiss passionate i wanted enought more then to have him make love to me right and there but my conscience started to eat at me.'Damn that little voice of reason'i hissed to myself. I pulled back from the kiss and we staring at each other with hungry in our eyes.

"Taker we need to get to that meeting before we get in big trouble from Vince"I said to him trying to catch my breathe in the process.He raised a eyebrow at me and he smiled. 'That's the first time i've ever seen him smile'i said to myself.

"I think everyone is going to ask you why you are smiling b/c The American Badass doesn't crack a smile for noone"I said to him.

"Yeah but i've got a reason to smile"'Taker to said to me extending his hand to me. I accpected his hand and we walked hand and hand to the entrance of the lockeroom and then i had to drop off my wrestling attire that was in suitcase in my lockeroom before going to the meeting.

"I'll only be in few seconds"I said to him opening my lockerom door and letting it close behind me.

The door cracked up and shut. I turned on the lights to my lockerroom to see where i was going and i pulled my suitcase to the balck leather couch. I left it by the left arm of the couch and quickly walked to the room of my lockerroom. I turned off the lights and excited the lockerrroom. Upon exciting my lockerroom and i ran right into him. "Ouch"I said sitting on my butt rubbing my head.

I saw two feet with leather boots on with black jeans with two of legs with metal belt buckle around this huge waist.My eyes continued to travel up until my eyes locked on his. Taking a big breathe he lended down to me and his ass sat inches from the floor. "Well for starters we have me sitting on my butt on the cold cold floor"I said to him. "Yeah and do you need some assistance getting up off the cold cold floor?"he ssked me holding out his hand to me.

"Yeah that would be best wouldn't it"I said putting my hand in his. He put his other hand on my back and carefully pulled me up until i was standing on my two feet.

"Thank you"I said brushing off the dust on my backside and off my outfit. After brushing off the dust off me and taking my hair out of the hairbow. My hair flowed back my back and was very puffy. "Great i like look a giant cuetip but human"I said taking out my travel brush from my back pocket of my jeans.

Slowly i brushed my hair until it didn't puffy up anymore. Then i placed a headband in my hair and pushed it back far enough to keep all my hair back out of my face. We walked hand and hand to the meeting. 'Taker opened the door for me and merely nod thank you to him and we sat right next to each other.

After the meeting was over we chatted with some of the other wrestlers on the roster. All the while we kept snicking glances at each other when the other was not looking.After talking with everyone i said my goodbyes and walked out of the room. I walked down the hallway to the hair dresser and costume designer as while to be fitted for my new look and do some pics for the next ppv. I walked up to the door for the ppv photographer and entered the room. After 2 hrs of taking ppv promo pics,entrance pics and misc pics i was was tried. Soon i arrived at my locker room and i found a letter with a black rose. I picked up the rose and it opened it reveal blood coming from the center of it. Upon seeing this i dropped it on the floor and took off running the hallway. I ran and ran until i reached a group of wrestlers whom were talking about some stuff. Matt Hardy was the first one to see me running towards them.

"Geez anne you're running like you saw a ghost or something"Matt said to me I lend against the wall to catch my breathe from running. I took deep breathes to calm my heart down and it felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest by this point. "Are you alright?"Matt asked me "No,i'm not"I said to him

"Do you want to me to get you something to drink?"Matt asked me "No"I said

"Matt can you find 'Taker for me i really really need to talk him it's important"I said to him

"Sure no problem"Matt said to me Matt turned and walked away from me and i walked over to the group. Jeff Hardy,Scotty Too Hooty,Grand Masta Sexy,Bradshaw,and Crash "Elroy"holly looked over at me.

"Hey Anne"they said to me "Hey Guys"I said back

"Damn girl you're running if you were in the 400 meter dash"Scotty said joking "Yeah it felt like Scotty"I said to me

"What were you and Matt talking about?"Bradshaw,Grand Masta,Crash Holly asked at once "I told Matt to find 'Taker for me i need to talk to him about something important"I said to the group

"What's so important that you couldn't tell us"Jeff said to me "It doesn't concern you"I said to him "Well it does when we saw you run like bat out of hell towards us"Kane said walking over to the group "Hey Kane"we all said "Hi"he rasped

"Well,ummm, i found a black red rose tapped to my lockerroom door"I said to them "You What!!!"Scotty and Grand Masta Said "You're kidding us right"Bradshaw,Jeff said to me

"I wish i was kidding guys i wish i was"I said to him Meanwhile Matt was looking for 'Taker and finally found him talking to Jim Dotson the wwf's finest guard around. Matt slowly apporach them with caution and walked every slowly towards them.

"Excuse me for butting in"Matt said to Jim 'Taker looked over at Matt and he could see him shaking in his boots. "Yes,Matt what would you like?"'Taker asked him "Anne needs to talk to you about something and i saw her running up the hallway like she saw a ghost or something"Matt said to him "OK"'Taker said to him

After excusing hisself Taker and Matt walked up the hallway through the different areas of the building. "Did she say what she wanted to me for?"Taker said with concern in his voice "No she didn't Taker she just told me to get you it was important plus i noticed blood on her hands"Matt said to Taker "She found What!!!"Taker exclamed "How did she get blood on her hands?"Taker asked Matt "I don't know Taker"Matt said to Taker

They walked more faster and soon they saw the group. Taker's eyes laid on me and he started to walk up to the group. In the midst of talking to the group i didn't notice Taker walking towards us. I looked straight ahead and saw Taker coming. I couldn't wait anymore for him and i ran out of the group. I ran towards Taker and he stopped. He had his arms opened for me and i ran into his arms. I started to cried and he held me to him. All the wrestlers looked on with goofy looks on their faces and smiles mile wide too.

"Let's give them sometime to themselves"Branshaw said to group. Branshaw moved the group elsewhere to talk. 'Taker shoked my hair and held me. I pulled back my him and he unwrapped his arms from around me.With his tumb he wiped the tears away.

"What's wrong Anne?"'Taker asked me "I found a black blood rose tapped to my lockerroom door upon my returning from taking ppv promo pics, entance pics, and other pics for WWF"I said to him "Is that why you have blood on your hands?"'Taker asked me

"Yes"I said to him "Only time i reached a blood rose when i was 16 yrs old and i was broke up with my bf named Russell"I said to him

'Taker remained silence as i was explain my teen love life and he only nodded sometimes. After telling him everything I started to get goosebumps on my arm. ""Taker is it cold in here or it just me?"I asked him "Yeah it had gotten like chilly in here now that you mention it""Taker said to me "Come on Anne i'll get something to warm you up""Taker said to me I merely nooded my head at him and we walked toward his lockerroom.

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