~Can't Fight This Feeling~

Writen By Takersagnel

Chapter 3

You give my life direction You make everything so clear And even as I wander

We walked toward his lockerroom that had a leather couch and several drinking fountains. He turned on thge lights to his lockerroom and walked over to the hot cholocloate machine. He grabbed a plastic cup and fill it with nice hot choloclate for. After filling my cup he walked over to me. I let our fingers touched went sent shocks for elecrity through us and made me catch my breathe.

"Here's your drink"'Taker said to me "Thank you"I said to him "Your Welcome"he said to me

Then he walked over to the otherside of the couch and sat right next to me. 'Ok girl don't lose you're cool'I said to myself as he sat next to me on the couch.I could feel a blush coming and i slowly took a sip of the drink that was before me. A few minutes i was done drinking the hot chollcate that helped me get warm but with him sitting next to me was making me hotter.

"Thank you for coco"i said placing the cup on the table "Your Welcome"he said

He stood up and took my hand into his. I felt volts of elecrity shoot up from my hand and into my body as he held my hand in his. 'Is he feeling this too'i wondered to myself. "Can i have this dance?"he asked me "Yes"i said to him

He lend me to the middle of the lockerroom and he pulled me into his arms. We placed as one and our bodies melt to each other like we were destined to be together or was a perfect match.My hands were moving up and down his back as we danced together,his hands were moving up and down my back making me carve him more by the minute.Everything around us didn't matter now and the only thing that mattered was us. Nothing mattered to me now and our eyes stayed locked on each other like we couldn't stare at each other any longer. Our eyes seemed to reach out to each other's one another souls for yarning and to see if the love we finally realized that we have is really true or is just another desire. "'Taker i think our eyes tell the story"i said to him

"I believe you're right"he said to me I giggled and laid my head on his chest. I could his chest raise up and down with each breathe he took. Also i could hear in his heart in left ear and it was music to my ears.I felt myself started to fall sleep while slow dancing with him and i let out a soft yawn. I closed my eyes and drafted to sleep. 'Taker looked down at me and he smiled down at me.He stopped dancing and carefully picked me up. He carried me over to the leather couch and laid me on it without waking me up. Then he laid right behind me and he wrapped his amrs around me. Without me knowing it i rolled over unto to his chest and my arms went crossed his chest. Sighting in my sleep he closed his eyes to get a nap without realizing that were being watched..

Chapter 4

I'm keeping you in sight You're a candle in the window On a cold, dark winter's night

And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might As i slept i could feel my pillow raised up and down under my head. 'This isn't right pillows don't raise up and down'i said to myself

I opened one of my eyes and i saw two huge arms with tats wrapped around my body.Smiling to myself i knew who it was and went back to sleep. In my dream i find out myself tied to unto a strange symbol and i looked all around me. But i couldn't see because the room was in total darkness and i tried to move my hands,but they were tied down.

'Where am i and what am i doing on this symbol'i wondered to myself Then driuds surrounded the symbol and started to chant in unfamilar tongue. They started to chant louder and louder,for me this was to much. "Somebody help me"i cried

None came to help me and i tried to pull at the ropes that didn't work at all it served to tighten it dwon my waist. I could feel like a heartbeat in my ears from my hand and great pain filled my body. The driuds kept on chanting until i heard a door opened. Being tied down i couldn't do anything but waitied for this person. The cloaked figare walked right in front of me and the driuds stopped chanting. They walked away from me and left the room. I was left alone with this person who i was at the mercy of and great fear filled my body.

"Who are you and what do you want from me?"I asked "Well well my dear what questions to ask me"the voice said 'i know that voice and i heard someplace before' i said to myself

"Hello baby miss me much"the voice said With that the cloaked figuare took off the hood that hide their face. With the hood off my face went pale white like i've seen a ghost.

"Dear God"i said "I'm back baby and better than ever before"the voice said "Let me go you son of bitch"i cried "May may what dirty little mouth we have"the voice said

He took his hand and held my chin. I could smell his breathe like it was in my face.My smoatch tired in knots and i wanted to get sick right there.

"Let me go Russell"i said


I tossed in turned on 'Taker's chest and then i cried out. I sat up and unwrapped his arms from around me. I got off the couch and walked over to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and went over to the sink. I splashed cold water in my face to wake myself from the dream. I stood there looking in the mirrior and my worest fears were filling my mind.

'Dear gawd he's alive how can that be'i said to myself I felt a hand touch my shoulder and i went to punch that someone in the tummy. But my face met the person's chest and my eyes went up and up until our eyes met.I took a deep breathe and then exhaled it.

"Hey 'Taker how long you been standinf right behind me?"i asked him "Long enough to know you are troubled by something"he said to me "What can i be troubled by?"i asked him "A bad dream"he said to me

Tears filled my eyes and he put his arms around me to comfort me. I don't know how to long cry on him but it felt so good to cry on him.I could hear him whispering sweet words of encouragements in my ears to comfort me. With his arms around me nothing could harm me in anyway and his arms were so warm. After crying i pulled my face back from his chest i looked into his eyes and i felt that his eyes could see into the depths of my soul or maybe into my dream had in a few minutes ago. "Do you want to talk about it?"he asked me

I merely shook my head at him and we walked out of the bathroom to the couch which was located in the middle of the lockerroom. We walked over to it and sat down.I began to tell him the truth and it broken heart to even to tell him the truth but i had to. He sat there with no emotion on his face and i know deep down i broke a promise never to lie to another person not even your lover. After telling him the truth and about my dream i sat there waiting for his reaction or comments to it. He ran his fingers through his hair and then he looked back at me..

'Look what i have done again'i said to myself I looked down unable to meet his eyes at all and i felt like i should be shoot by firing squad. I never felt so bad in all my life and i wanted just to find a hole and hide it for the rest of my life until i die. I went to get up when he grabbed my hand which he motioned for me to sit back down on the couch. I did so but with great sorrow in my heart and soul.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth in the first place Anne?"he asked me "I didn't want to tell you the truth for fear you won't love me anymore and leave me high dry"i said to him

"Also i throught it better not to tell you the truth until i was comfortable to tell you but i was very wrong in the decision,now i know you can't trust me anymore because i lied to you"i added

"Yes i can still trust you because i love you and nothing is going to change that nothing"Taker said to me

He ran a finger down my face and a happy sigh excaped my lips.and i wished things would stayed like this forever but events would change us in way that would save us. Upon hearing a sight from my lips he smiled down at me and i smiled back.

'We're acting like love sturnk teeanagers on dream street'i said to myself That throught brought a smile on my face and then i started to giggle. Taker looked at me with a raised euebrow which made me brust out laughting and he was wondering i was laughing about After a few minutes of laughing by myself i stopped laughing.

'Man i really embassed myself now'i said to myself Then out of the blue he pulled me into his arms and our eyes locked. I wrapped my arms around his head to see his eyes in more better sight and his dark brown flowed over my shoulder and it felt so soft against my shoulder. Then he lowered his lips to mine and we shared very tender soft kiss thatspoke volumes about our pinned up passions for each other. He carefully lowered me down on the couch and we slowly undressed each other. Slowly we took our time has hard as it was to but we did accomplish one goal and that was discvering how long one of us could handle pleasure . Well one of us won that one and that was me.Before he entered me for the first time i need to confuss something to him. 'We're about to become lovers how am i going to tell him that i'm a virgin'i asked myself as he covered his body with mine

I took a deep breathe and i felt entered slowly,carefully not to hurt me. I bit down on my lip to hold back to my crying out but it was to late i cried when he broke through the barrier. I opened my eyes to find him looking down at me and i turned my head from him. Upon seeing this he sat down on his butt when i brought me sitting between his tights. By this time my face softly hit his chest and i looked up to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry Taker i should've told you"i said feeling ashamed "You don't need to be sorry,Anne we should've talked about this"he said to me "I think it's little to late for that 'Taker"i said to him "Yeah i guess it is"he said to me

Then i felt a tinyest bit of pain and my body tensed up very much. I felt tears coming to my eyes and the tears started to fall down my face. With his hand he wiped my tears. He held closely to his chest and shoked my hair to comfort me.

"'Taker it hurts"i said in tears "It's ok it's ok Anne "he said comfortabling me After few minutes i pulled my head from his chest and i stared up in him. His eyes grimmed of joy but yet of desire too. "'Taker please teach me how to love you"i said tohim "Anne i.."he speechless "I know 'Taker"i said to him

He carefully lowered me dpwn on the couch and took his time with me. Everytime i tensed up he would always tell me to relax my body and he would whispered sweet words of encoruagement to me like a couch giving a team a speech. I found myself experiencing what i always wanted to experience and thatwas finding out what the meaning of having a man who loves me to show me how making love is expressing is expressing the inexpressable feelings,emotions thata woman feels when she is being make love to by her lover.That night Taker showed me it and everytime i found myself enjoying the feelings that only women when they are being make love to. Serveral few hours i slept across Taker's chest and with tears joy i found my soulmate,lover,the another piece of the puzzle ,the missing link in mylife. Before i closed my eyes i heard the 3 sweetestwrods a man can say to a woamn.

"I Love you Anne"Taker said to me
"I Love you Taker"i said tohim
I felt him pulling something around us as we slept on the couch.

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