~Can't Fight This Feeling~

Chapter 5 & 6

And I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for It's time to bring this ship into the shore

Sometime later i awoke up to find 'Taker lending back back against the couch watching me sleep. I smiled up at him and he smiled back at me.I moved to lend against him when i felt a odd feeling in me. I looked at him with confusion in my eyes and he carefully pulled me againsthis chest.

"'Taker why do i feel strange?"i askedhim "It's not that you feel strange it's that you've become a woman"he said to me "What do you mean i've become a woman?"i asked him After saying that statement my mind went to hours ago when i felt him making passionate love to me and all the things i said in the heatof passion.I bliushed and i could smile too.

"I know what you mean"i said to him He ran his finger down my check and his hair was pressed against his chest area. This brought a giggle from me and i had to cover my mouth so 'Taker wouldn't find out i was giggling. While i was lending against his chesti felt him laugh. It felt so funny i feel him laughing or taking breathes into his body. "Taker what time is it?"i asked him

"It's 8:55pm almost time for Raw"he said to me "Oh no i need to getready for my match"i said tohim Slowly i got up and wrapped the blanket around my body. I felt his eyes follow me and when i closed the bathroom door to take a showder i want more than ever for him to take shawdor with me. I dropped the blanket on the floor and walked over to the showder. I pushed the current away and stepped into the shawder. I turned the hot and cold water knobs and warm water came down on my body. I pulled the current closed and grabbed my shampp. I washed my hair and then washed my body. Every second i spent thinking about i and 'takers love making that took place hours before. I heard the bathroom door and opened and poke my head out. I found to my liking 'Taker in his birthday suit and with the sexiest smile on his face.

"Room for one more?"he asked me I could only smile at him. "Sure come here sexy"i said to him.

He closed the bathroom and entered the shawder with me. He grabbed my continder and rubbed it in his hands. Then he put on the continder in my hair to wash it for me. His hair rubbed it and i enjoyed every minute of it. "Done"he said to me

I turned around to wash out the continder and the water fown my hair and my body. I closed my eyes so the continder would not get in my eyes and i opened my eyes momets later to find 'Taker staring at me.

"Take a picture it will last longer"i said to him "My turn to wash your hair and your body 'Taker"i said to him "OK my angel"he said to me

I smiled at that name and i walked over to him. I grabbed his shampoo which was head and shoulders and i pour a small amount in my hands.I lather it up and i stpepped on the side of the shawder i could his hair. His hair felt like soft as satin and i loved the feeling of his hair between my fingers tips. After lathering the shampoo in his hair and he turned around to wash out the shampoo out of his hair. I could only stae at him as he rung out the shampoo from his hair.Then after he washed out the shampoo i took the bar of ivory soap onto my hands. I lathered that up and started to wash his arms,under his arms,and then his chest.His skin under my fingers felt so cool and soft and i washed his whole body for him. In the midst of me and 'Taker washing ourselves we didn't see the camera that was hidden in the corner of the bathroom that was recording us and the footage would be shown later that night on Raw..

Chapter 6

And throw away the oars, forever Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten what I started fighting for

After washing each other's bodies we stood there letting the water hit our bodies and i had to shut off the water unfortunely. He opened the curre nt for me and i got out of the shawder. Then he got out and helped me dry myself off. Then he dried hisself off and watched me get dressed.I felt overwheming desire ro touch,kiss,and just be near so much that it was killing me. and after i got dressed i watched 'Taker get dressed slowly. 'Damn him torturing me like that'i said to myself

I felt chills come down my spaine and i looked around the room to see what caused to me to do so. I noticed a camera in the far corner of the room and singed for him to see this.

"Oh My God 'taker it's a camera OH God"i said "Holy shit"Taker said

"I throught the WWF writers concealed the G-TV angle b/c it reveal too much and some of the WWF wrestlers didn't like it at all"i said to him "So we throught Anne"'Taker said to me

"Oh God that camera recorded us while we're were in the shawder"i said to him "Damn it and when i find out who placed this camera in here they're wish they were never born"Taker said in deadly voice

"Here let me solve this right now"i said to him With Taker lifting me on the corner i ripped the camera from the wall and the cords camw with it. But the damage was already done now they had to wait for the footage to shown on Raw tonight or even on Smackdown tommorrrow night. Tears filled my eyes and i fell to my kness with my head in my hands.Tears just came down my eyes and he sat right beside me and he pulled me into his arms. I cried on his shoulder and i knew he couldn't say anything to make this pain go away.

'How can people be so cruel and not care about others private'i asked myself 'When i find that SOB who put this cmaera where they will know why they call me the American Badass'he said to vowing to find this person.

After moments,minutes 'Taker pulled from our embrance and lookd me in the eyes. I could see hate and evil look in his eye which i used to call the Lord Of Darkness look. That look always scraed me and i didn't know it did. He ran his hand my face and i ran my hand down his face.

"I'll fix this Anne if it's the last thing i'll do"'Taker said to me "Taker please i love you and i don'twant you to do anything you might regret later"i said pleading with him "Please "i begged him

I saw the hate and anger just disappear from his eyes and i was looking at the man i love now. "'Anne you're match is next"i heard "I better go"i said to him not wanting to leave him "You have to go"'Taker said to me

I slowly sat up and walked out of the bathroom. I walked across the room and grabbed my knee pads,elbow pads,and my handband i wore to keep my hair out of my face while fighting in the ring. A strange feeling came over me and i wanted to run back to 'Taker. This overweloming feeling suddenly has it appeared it disappeared. 'Strange'i said to myself

I walked over to the door and opened it. "Hello Honey missed me"Russell said to me

All the color drained out of my face and i went to shut the door when i blocked me from doing so.He grabbed my arm and tried to get out his grasp i can't . "TAKER HELP ME!!!!!!!!!"i screamed

Then Russell grabbed me from behind and pressed me against his chest. Just being close him made want to get sick on the shot and tried getting free from him but nothing work. Then out nowhere i saw Taker run from the bathroom to me and to my horror he was hit over the head with a pipe.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO TAKER!!!!!!!!!!!"i screamed as he hit the floor. I saw blood pouring from his head wound and cried. He laid there almost lifeless and the guy almost hit him again Russell told him not to. "Leave him he's not going to inferer with me now"Russell said "Let me go you son of bitch"i yelled at him

"My ,my Anne is that anyway to treat your soulmate"Russell said to me "You're not my soulmate you son of bitch and i rather die any belong to you again"i said hotly My curssing at him made him smile even more. 'what does he have plan for me?'i asked myself "Let's go"Russell said

I was being dragging from the lockerrom and i was forced to let Taker lay there. Lay to bled to death and none knew about thsi attrack and i knew my doom was sealed.I resignd myselfof being ounce again being the property of Russell and my hreart broke knowing i would never see my belove ever again. "Unless"i said to myself

I remember what my mother taught me to mindspeak and this was my onlt hope of ever seeing Taker alive again. I closed my eyes and start to chant to my self and i reached out to Kane.

"Kane hear me"i said to him "Anne it is that you"Kane said to me "Yes Taker was attacked in our er his lockerroom and he was hit over the head with a lead pipe.he's beading very badly"i said to him "I'm on my way hold on Anne"Kane said to me

"I can't i'm being kidnapped by ex boyfriend and he's going to do something to me Kane"i said to him "Please help Taker i don't want to lose him i love him too much"i said to Kane "I know you do"kane said to me

"Kane if this is the last time you ever to speak to me please tell Taker i love him with all my heart and i will be with always"i said to Kane "Anne don't lose hope"Kane said to me "Ok i'll try not to"i said to Kane

After that my mindspeaking to him was cut off and i was being tried a syblom like just in my dream. That's when i knew all hope was lost for good.

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