In the Hands of Death

Written by Mistress Iya

This is my "attempt" at writing fan-ficion, a little piece that I haven't finished at the moment, but was going to submit it to another site before creating a site of my own. My hope is that if I post my horrible writing, that others that write fan-fiction well will post their writings and we can begin a collection of worth while fiction. So here goes nothing...

I guess the title for this piece should have been more along the lines of Saving 'Taker or something like that but the title first thought of was In the Hands of Death, so it's staying. Remember, this is my first attempt at writing fiction, as my poetry is much better in my opinion. So, please don't laugh...and if you can do better, let's see some of your work! (I'm sure there are many out there that can do much better!)

Chapter 1

The sky is clear, the evening air crisp and clean, the trees billowing green and brown, and the sun setting slowly in the west. There is a small opening that has been parted by the tress, just enough to let a small patch of light scatter on the ground. The cool breeze of this mid-July evening picks up a little, just enough for Melody, who sits and thinks silently, to notice. The sounds of snapping branches above alerts her to reality. The wind picking up even more now, and the sun has set fruther behind the trees. Melody slowly rises to her feet as her stomach churns and pain releases through her back and legs. Taking a closer look around, listening for movement deep within the forest...something, anything. Dark thick clouds have now taken over the sky leaving little light in the depth of the trees. Chilling winds and darkness settle around Melody, who's now taking in all that surrounds her, every smell, sight, and sound. She waits for the sound of footsteps to come, or breaking branches, lights, anything. Nothing.

As she takes a few small, quiet, fragile steps forward, out of no where, huge red flames come soaring up right before her eyes! Taking a few steps back and regaining her breath again, Melody opens her eyes and straightens her back, trying to compose herself for what's going to come. The fire has now almost deminished and a giant figure of red and black is slowly reveiled. Standing about 7 feet into the air, huge round muscules bulking out, and a darkend mask to hide his face, the giant slowly starts approaching the now dazed Melody. She is trying to decide whether to say something ot to keep quiet.

"You have been chosen as the honored one." A deep, mysterious, echoing voice strikes Melody's ears and she stares straight into the eyes of the giant and waits...

"For you are the one, Lady Undertaker, who will battle and succeed to win the heart of my long darkened brother, The Undertaker. I am only here to prepare you mentally and physically for this long journey. You will learn much about yourself as a worrior and goddess. I will guide and protect you as you battle on your journey, but you will be held as the main figure in this battle." The giant explained.

"What is your name and why have I been chosen, why now?" Melody questions in shock and confusion.

"I only come as your guide and protector. For there's not time to think or discuss, we must start preparing. My name is Kane, brother to the Undertaker and son of Paul Bearer. Many have been looked at but you have been chosen, for reasons later explained. As for now, I will take you to shelter for the night and early morning we will begin to prepare. Only two weeks do we have to make you fully capable of succeeding, as this will be long enough. For you already posess many of the needed skills and qualities needed to win."

"I am not quite sure as to what I am supposed to do. I have not requested this, as I was only taking an afternoon to rest and think about where I am going in life. I was going to start heading home as soon as the sun set and sleep before work tomorrow. I can't just get up and leave like this, my friends and family. They will know something has happened and get worried. I can't do this, I must go back now, leave me be please." Melody began to walk towards the opening she spotted just ahead, and head for home not far away. Before she got five steps down the path, she felt a huge hand grab her shoulder and pull her back gently. Kane held her stationary and looked down at her with great fury and power. He can't let her get away, he needed her too badly. No one else would be able to win the battles and conquar the long journey ahead. He had to make her trust him and come with to rescue his brother, there is just no choice.

More to come soon!

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