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Please Note: Undertaker's real name is used, but out of all due respect to him.

Chapter 1

The telephone rang. Lynn hurried over to the kitchen to get it. "Hello?" "Good. You're there," her friend, Helen, said on the other end. "Where else would I be?" She teased. "I have something to tell you." Something in Helen's voice put Lynn on alert. "Go ahead."

"Mark was here today. He's on his way over to see you. Right now." Dear God. Mark is here? He's coming to the apartment?

The phone slipped out of Lynn's hand. She had to make a lunge so the receiver wouldn't bang against the wall.

"Lynn?" Helen's voice could be heard through the phone.

"Yeah, I'm here." Her hand shook as she held the receiver to her ear.

"Whatever you do, hear him out." "Why should I?" Lynn's voice shook.

This situation is different from any other. I can't see him again. I won't. You have to. You told him you were carrying his child. Now you must hear his response. Lynn told herself.

"Lynn?" Helen broke in on her thoughts. "I'm going to hang up, Helen." "You do that. He should be there soon.

Lynn's mind drifted back to when she first told Mark that she was pregnant.

Chapter 2

She flew down to Manhatten, New York, where Mark was doing a WWF house show.

After the show, Vince threw a big celebration for the WWF superstars. Lynn spotted Mark from a distance in the cafeteria. In any crowd he would be impossible to miss.

He was tall, standing at 6'10 inches; he had long auburn hair. Mark was wearing a black sleeveless shirt that showed his tatoos.

Every since Lynn met him, she had been captivated by everything about him. Especially his green eyes.

Already she spotted Kane, Mark's brother. Lynn was crazy about Kane. When she needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, Lynn turned to Kane.

The instant before he became aware of her presence, her hungry gaze took inventory of his face. He still looked good, Lynn admitted to herself.

Suddenly his head turned in her direction. Stepping close enough to smell alcohol on his breath, she said quietly, "I didn't come her to ask you for anything. Only to tell you something. You're going to be a father at the end of December. One day when or son is old enough to ask the most important question of his life, he will have expected this much from me. Goodbye, Mark."

After Lynn left, thoughts began to fill Mark's head. A son? Lynn was going to bear his son in December? What have I done? I've defiled her. I've got to get out of here.

"Mark? Are you all right man?" Kane yelled through the bathroom door.

Mark was stooped over the toilet, vomiting for the sixth time. He rested his forehead against the cool tile and waited to see if there was going to be another episode.

"Listen man," Kane called through the door. "I heard what Lynn said. I'm sure she didn't want me to but I did. You think I don't know what Lynn's news has done to you? Talk to me!"

Mark opened the door. Kane saw sadness in his eyes. "Look brother, don't do this to yourself. Go see her. You know you still ove her."

"I don't know little brother, what if she hates me. Or don't want to have anything to do with me?"

"I don't think she hates you. Go see her, talk things over. That's your baby she's carrying and my nephew, Kane said smiling.

Chapter 3

From his vantagepoint on the cement landing, Mark looked over the section of low-rental housing with distate.

He was still trying to recover from his shock that Lynn had already moved into this less-than-adequate apartment complex. By herself, no less. A grimace stole over his face. If you try to go after her, you're in for some emotional trauma of a different sort.

He knocked on the door. "Come in. It's unlocked," He heard Lynn say.

Lynn could say that when she was living in a strange neighborhood where any criminal could just walk in off the streets? Mark frowned angrily. What was she thinking? Especially in her condition.

With the hardening of his jaw, he let himself inside the small apartment and shut the door.

Mark's searching gaze swerved to the woman standing barefooted at the sink, cutting onions and peppers. He didn't recongnize the Royal blue sundress that left her chocolate arms and legs bare. But she had her glistening off black hair in the familiar thick braid that hung to her shoulder.

There was nothing he loved more than to undo it has a prelude to making love. Every time he ran his fingers through her silky hair, which fell to hair shoulders, he was reminded tha a woman's hair truly was her crowning glory.

"Sit down, Mark." She spoke without turning around. "Helen said you were on your way over. Just a minute and I'll be finished making dinner."

"If you're thirsty, there's beer in the refrigeratior. Help yourself."

She'd punished him enough. Impatient to get her in his arms, he closed the distance between them in a few swift strides and lifted his hands to her shoulders. As he stated to massage them, delicious warmth seeped into his fingers.

"Please don't touch me," Lynn began in a low voice. "We 're no longer engaged. We're no longer anything."

"I beg to differ," Mark whispered against the moist skin of her neck, sliding his hands down her back and around the front of her body. He knew every breath taking line and curve. She had thickened and was surprisingly hard.

He pulled her clsoer, and she melted against him. He began to plant kisses down her neck and shoulders.

"Mark, what about dinner?" Lynn said, turning around to face him. "What about it?" Mark, responded. Gazing into her eyes.

Mark walked over to the stove and turned it off. "But Mark, I have to finish dinner!"

"I don't want dinner. I want you," he said. Looking at her with those hungry green eyes.

"I'm scared," Lynn said in a small voice. "Don't be. I won't hurt you. I promise. Just trust me," Mark whispered.

Mark swooped Lynn off her feet and carried her to the bedroom. Then laid her down on the bed.

Mark took his clothes off and got in bed beside Lynn. Her dark brown eyes were wide with fear. "Relax baby, I won't hurt you."

Lynn began to relax a little. While Mark began to undress her until she was fully naked.

He looked her up and down. Taking in the full length of her. Then he kissed her passionately. Letting his tongue explore her mouth.

Lynn began to moan as Mark caressed her full belly. Then his hands made their way down to her wet center.

She gasped as he rubbed her swollen nub. "Oh Mark, please stop!" she begged. "I wants you babe, let me have you," he said in a husky, low voice.

Lynn moaned and groaned as he pleasured her in ways that she never imagined. She was so wet. Mark positioned himself on top her and slowly entered her.

He was very careful as not to hurt the baby. Mark slid easily inside Lynn. She moaned and called his name as they moved slowly together.

As it started to get good. Mark began to thrust faster and faster. Until the both of them exploded together. Mark clasped on the bed, instead of on top of Lynn. Because he didn't want to hurt her with the baby in all.

Mark put his arms around Lynn, holding her closely. "Are you all right. Did I hurt you," he looked at her with concern and love in his eyes. "No. YOu didn't hurt me. And yes I'm all right," Lynn voice choked. "Babe, what's wrong?" Mark voice was alarmed.

"Nothing," Lynn said as tears filled her eyes. "Oh Mark, I love you so much." "There's something that I want to tell you," Mark said.

Chapter 4

Lynn prayed that it wasn't bad news. Or Mark telling her that it was over again. If he did tell her that she wouldn't be able to take it. "Go ahead honey, tell me," Lynn said. Bracing herself for the heartbreak.

"I'm leaving tonight, going back home. I want you to come with me. I'm not taking no for an answer because that is why I came here, to bring you back home with me. I can not stand you not being in my life."

Lynn was shocked, she couldn't speak. "I know I said some hurtful things to you," Mark continued. "Baby, believe me when I tell you that I never meant to hurt you. When I walked out the room, leaving you standing there crying. It hurt me so bad. I hated myself for it.

Lynn listened silently as Mark told her everything that happened afterwards. How everybody was mad at him. How Vince kept calling him an "fool." Even Trish, who Lynn didn't too much care for, had words for him. No one would talk to him, Kane was irrate and it kept going on for four weeks.

When Mark was done telling her everything. Lynn finally broke the silence. "Well, we better not waste anythime. Let's shower and get dressed. I have a lot of packing to do," she said getting up.

Just then something crossed her mind. "Oh Mark!" Mark looked up startled, "What babe," wit hconcern in his voice. "The food. What about dinner? I started but never finished."

"I know," Mark grinned. "We'll pick up something to eat on our way home."

After they showered, Lynn made a few phone calls. She called her Landlord to let him know she was leaving and why. He understood and said that he will handle everything. Next, she called Helen, and told her. She was very happy to hear about her and Mark's reconcilation. She also called her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her motherly advice. And told her the do's and don'ts. She also told Lynn to make sure she wears her slippers so she won't get sick. They said their good-byes and Lynn went back to packing.

Chapter 5

Texas is beautiful, Ly thought to herself as she looked out over the hilltop from the balcony. While she was filled with thoughts, she didn't notice Mark behind her. "Penny for your thoughts," Mark said wrapping his arms around Lynn. "I was just thinking how beautiful it is out here," Lynn sighed.

"Yes, but not as pretty as you," Mark teased. Lynn blushed. "I love you, you know that woman?" "No, I didn't know that, is there anyway you can show me?" Lynn teased.

"I believe there is," Mark grinned wickedly. He lifted Lynn up and carried her to the bed and made love to her.

After their delightful lovemaking. Mark took Lynn into his arms. Lynn rubbed his stomach which was round and full.

"I've always dreamed of having a woman like you," Mark said with emotion in his voice. "Most of the women I've had in the past ony wanted two things. Money and to be seen with me. But not you. You are different, that's why I can't let this opportunity slip by."

Lynn frowned. "What opportunity?" she said with wide eyes. "I want to make this complete," Mark gazed at her.

He opened the drawer on the side of the bed and took out a small box. He opeend it and there was a beautiful 20 karat gold diamond ring shaped like a rose.

"Oh Mark, this is beautiful," Lynn whispered. "Lynn, will you marry me?" Mark asked looking deeply into her eyes intensely.

Tears filled Lynn's eyes and spilled over. "Yes, yes, yes I will marry you," Lynn said joyfully. As he put the ring on her finger.

Mark wiped her tears away and kissed her passionately. Then they fell asleep embraced in each others arms.

To be continued...

Heartache Two

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