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Well, you're lucky enough to get a double dose of Iya's bitching and whinning on one site for the low price of your soul!! No, really it's not that bad, however, this column will be much more harsh and blunt, maybe less tactful than Through My Eyes written by a good friend Gypsy. I somehow get the feeling I'm a little more agressive and a lot less tactful than she will be...so I warn you now, don't proceed any further if you are only going to get mad and fed up with a very opinionated women going on and on...

No, really it won't be that terrible, but I have to prepare you for the worse, just to make things seem a little lighter. I seriously do hope you enjoy my new column, it is pretty opinionated and speaks my mind, but then again what are columns supposed to do??

I'd love to hear your feed back on anything written, I may not respond, I'm warning you now, but I would like to hearr it, both good and bad...as everyone has a right to their own opinion. I'm not saying you have to agree, just stating how I see things, and only me. Other things found here will be just thoughts and feeling, kind of a journal of sorts from week to week just sharing how I see things that are going on with the WWF in general and with 'Taker or Kane.

Saturday Night, February 10th, 2001 WWF House Show

I thought I would enlighten you on my thoughts and opinions of the House Show I went to see in Minneapolis Minnesota on Saturday. It was amazing I must say, I've never been to a live event before and this was quite the show to see for my first one. We had 12th row seats on the main floor, so close to the ring, it was closer than i've ever been for any concert before. The view was great! I'm pretty short but could still see really well.

The first match was X-Pac and The Big Boss Man, two men we haven't seen in quite a long time, on the televised shows. Since Minneapolis is X-Pac's home town, I think that is why they decided he would wrestling that night. It was kind of cool to see him in person, he's so tiny. Everyone in the crowd booed when Boss Man came out, they talked for awhile before they faught...they didn't fight for long as Boss Man pinned X-Pac almost right away. The crowd didn't like that at all.

There were four championships that were up that night, although as you probably know, titles don't change hands at a House Show, so we knew who would win those matches. The first was the Women's Title, Molly Holly and Ivory. Everyone gave the biggest boo for Ivory, as she had her words to say about Chyna...the storyline kept it's part all through the night. (Except for the Stone Cold/ HHH thing, they didn't touch each other and it was funny because Stone Cold even egged HHH on and called him chicken) Anyway, Ivory ended up winning and keeping her title, but Molly Holly put up a really good fight for it. She is so little, but a really good athelete...she's got some muscale I tell ya!

The matches went out of order from what they said they would be, so we weren't even sure if everyone was going to be there that they said was going to. The next match was a joke, as it was Terri with Saturn and Garrero vs. The Hardys and Lita. That was a given, the Hardys won and it was amazing to see them. I really like them, all their gymnastics and bouncing around. They really are high flyers, as they showed off their moves that night. And of course Lita and Terri were duking it out before the fight was over. Wouldn't you know, when Matt Hardy took off his shirt the crowd went wild. There were tons of Hardys fans there that night, it was really cool to see the crowd during that match. The guys really did an awesome job with the match, it lasted quite awhile too.

You know it's amazing how loud everything is in there, the sound carried so well. The effects were amazing, although they didn't have to Titontron up that night, the effects were still great. The feeling and atmosphere that was created was wonderful. Also, the pounds that the cameras add to the wrestlers when they are on T.V. is amazing. Rakishi looked so much smaller than on T.V. as well as others that faught that night. Kane's fire at the beginning of the match was so wicked, you could actually feel the heat from it, if you were sitting on the main floor. It was huge!!! (and very loud)

Back to the matches, the next one was The Acolytes vs. that damn RTC Stevie Richards vs. Val Venius, it was an interesting match to say the least. The RTC sound at their entrance is so annoying and loud, a lot different than on T.V. again. It was awesome to see the Acolytes fight, they are pretty damn tough!! They ended up winning and punding the hell out of the other two guys. It was fun to watch them work together and double team as they did.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit was the next one, and that one no one really paid too much attention too, as well al thought that the next match was the main event already. Kurt ended up winning and remaining the title holder, surprise, surprise. He talked and talked and talke and would not shut up, he's so dumb most of the time, no one really gave him the time of day. It was funny to hear the comments people were making around us. Most people there had one thing in common, they hatred for Angle.

As they kept on teasing us, the next match was not the main event, it was Steve Blackman vs. Raven vs. Hardcore Holly. The Hardcore title match, and you guessed it, Raven won, not fighting back like normal...he won anyway. The msytery women was even there at ring side helping him out to keep his title. It was pretty interesting watching Blackman with his sticks and all, the fight didn't last long though. They didn't take long on that one!

A 15 minute intermission was held next, and they kept pushing the suvonires that night, as it wasn't a televised show so they could probably. And everyone and their brother took that opportunity to go and get stuff or go wait in long lines to use the restrooms.

The following match was held after intermission, Dudly Boyz vs. Bull Buchanan vs. Goodfather. It was interesting, Goodfather was actually playing into the Godfather rold more that night. He kept asking the crowd if they would like to see the Godfather make a return, but the rest of RTC had something to say about that and he listened to them, not the crowd. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't bring the Godfather back sometime though. He was really a crowd favorite that night. And the Dudley's won the match, but no tables were used. The crowd was chanting "tables, tables, tables" but nothing to be had for that. They did do the 3D and the crowd went crazy! They were very funny and fun to watch. RTC sure had a lot of matches that night, it was actually kind of getting annoying by this match, their annoying entrance song, if you can even call it a song.

No, the main event wasn't next, as I was so hoping for, I couldn't wait to see the Undertaker and Kane in person...it was eating away at me like crazy!!! The next match was the Big Show vs. Al Snow. The Big Show isn't as big as he seems on T.V., he has really gained weight though, he was a big guy for sure. It was no contast, the Big Show won and didn't even use The Big Chokeslam. It was a fast match again, but the anticipation built with every second of that match...for the next match had to be the main event becuase everyone had come out that was supposed to be there.

And sure enough the main event, Kane/ Undertaker/ Sonte cold VS Rakishi/ Haku/ HHH. The enterances were breath taking, and the atmosphere totally changed when the first note of Kane's music played. Everyone knew who it was and they crowd was on their feet. People were moving closer to the ring on the main floor to take pictures. The Undertaker and Kane came out together and 'Taker's music played while Kane did his fire explosion. It was hot, loud, and bright. It was so awesome to see though. While they waited, Stone Cold came out and the crowd that didn't cheer and make hell when Kane and 'Taker came out, went crazy for Stone Cold. I have to say that HHH's entrance was really cool and he sounded so much different than on T.V.! Everything was just so much different than on T,V. it was interesting to see what things really look like and sound like.

Kane and Undertaker and Stone cold had the corner closest to us so we couldn't get a lot of good pictures of their faces when they weren't fighting. But after the match was over, we had some better opportunities to take better shots. Kane, Taker, and Stone Cold beat the hell out of the other guys, although they didn't put a pretty good fight for the first 10 mins. but couldn't keep on going. After the match was over, Stone cold threw Kane and Undertaker a beer and they all slammed it at the end. Kane just tilted his head and pured the beer all overr himself. It was kind of amazing to see him act as he did that night. His arms are huge and he is huge, he's for sure a lot bigger and taller than 'Taker. 'Taker seemed a lot smaller than on t.V. although just as hot if not hotter in person and live. Kane and 'Taker worked very well together that night as they have been doing for the past few weeks now. And Stone Cold was right in there with them all beating up on HHH so badly. HHH/ Haku/ Rakishi didn't even want to come into the ring and fight the other guys wainting, they were too scared to fight them .Finally, Stone Cold got one of them in the ring and was able to start the fight. The fight lasted a pretty long time and after the match was over, they still talked and come back out and did stuff. (HHH and Stone Cold) They all worked really well together during that match, you could really tell they were all having fun that night. And it's good they have House Shows to allow them to relax and have fun once in awhile. I think when they are having ufn it shows and makes it more fun to watch them.

I can't begin to describe the engery that place had during the night, nor can I describe how intense the whole thing was, even for not being a televised show. I had so much energy and adrenaline in me too, the rush of being at a live event is amazing to me. I would go again in a heartbeat and loved every minute of it, taking it all in and making a wonderful memory!

Look for pictures from the event coming soon!!!

2.07.01 Attention: I get to see my very first live event this Saturday, Feb. 10th, 2001!!! I've never seen them live, and I've been a fan for over 10 years, so needless to say, I'm so excited. It's just been confirmed that the Dead Man himself will be at the event with his brother Kane and Stone Cold fighting against Rakishi, Haku, and Triple H! The card for the night is as follows:

WWF Minnesota House Show event February 10, 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker & Kane vs. Triple H, Haku & Rikishi
World Wrestling Federation Championship
Kurt Angle w/ Trish Stratus vs. Chris Benoit
Tag Team Title Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
Big Show vs. Al Snow
Mixed Six-Person Tag Triple Threat Hardcore Title
Steve Blackman vs. Raven vs. Hardcore Holly
Acolytes vs. Steven Richards & Val Venis
Women's Title Match
Ivory vs. Molly Holly
European Title Match
Test vs. Albert
X-Pac vs. Big Boss Man

Be expecting a full report when I return on Monday. I'm taking lots of pictures so expect a new gallery up next week. I just had to share the exciting news with all and hopefull you'll get to see them live if you haven't already someday!

Check out WWF.COM to find out when they will be in your area.

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