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March 3, 2001

Things have been a bit crazy here lately ... with everything back to normal now, I can finally update my column that is way over due ...my apologies for that . I said I would not turn to gossip/ hot news , but the story of the Kat being fired and Jerry Lwler quitting in protest is all over the internet. King has been a great commentator and wrestler, and his presence will be greatly missed. For the full story and reason why they have left the WWF, check out his own website www.kinglawler.com for his official statement. There are alot of broken little hearts out there since Matt and Lita locked lips on Raw ... oh well, life does go on ......... Why is it that Kane hasnt been saying much lately? While he was on his own, Kane did alot of speaking, now it seems Taker has been doing the talking for both of them. I would like to hear both of their thoughts on the reunion; how it come about and why, what they plan to do now that they are a team again. The chemistry between the two looks solid, and they seem to be bringing out qualities in each other that we havent seen ... the whassup by Kane, and the reaction of Taker was quite suprising and very funny. I do hope that we get to see more of this side of the brothers. JR has stated in his column in Raw magazine that Kane will lose his mask this year. I believe that this will give Kane a new direction, and a chance to break away from the tormented soul that he once was. After all he was unmasked at the hands of Undertaker at Summerslam ...or have they forgotten that all ready???

So glad to see Steph, Vince and Regal dish out the ' dirt ' on Trish . Now that Vince is bored with his toy, what or who will be the next victim? It is disturbing to hear that there are individuals who pose as WWF Superstars on the Internet and post messages to fans, even going as far as arranging meetings with the fans.It is even more disturbing to hear that people actually believe that they are talking to them !! Please be aware that any WWF Superstars DO NOT correspond in this manner . In a statement released by the WWF, a mother alerted the Federation stating HHH had contacted her young daughter via email. The WWF have are extremely concerned for the welfare of their fans , and have asked that any approach made by a supposed ' Superstar' be reported to the following address FanService@wwfent.com , for the full story, go to wwf.com.

I am still trying to get hold of a copy of Chyna's bio , once I have had a chance to sit down and read it , I will offer a book report for all to read. More rumours on Mick Foley and Shaun Michaels returning ....which is more than likely before Wrestlemania ...and a very welcome back it shall be.

Paul Bearer is back ...he has been recruited to the Talent Development department. Its a shame we wont get to see him on WWF tv...it would be interesting to see what Kane's attitude would be towards his father now that two thirds of the family are united. Undertaker's minisite on wwf.com has had a facelift....it now includes Kane as well. More proof that they are here to stay.

We here in Australia have had a bit of a programme shuffle with WWF Raw and Smackdown , with later timeslots due to cricket coverage, and shifting Smackdown to Saturday nights , its a fans ultimate nightmare!! XFL coverage has also debuted on Aussie tv ... anyone care to share the rules of the game?? Would love to hear suggestions for topics . Please leave your post on the messageboard , and I will reply to you as soon as I can . Take care ............Gypsy 03/03/01

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