This newest section that has been added is a special section, as it's something that I've become quite intersted in recently and felt needed to be added. I got the inspiration from a good friend of mine, Gypsy, who now submits her column Through My Eyes. I thought about what she writes and what we've talked about in past conversations and I decided to add this section. It's a place for women to shine, women wrestlers, women journalists on wrestling, women who have a passion for wrestling just as much as men do. I think Gypsy said it best when she was talking about her goal, " challenge any guy who thinks that a woman cant keep up in a male orientated sport..." And I agree with her, in today's world wrestling is still viewed as a sport/ hobby for males, to participate in, to write about, to enjoy watching...and it's time that women start having a voice and their opinions be heard as well. It's a well known fact that many women "drool" and "gawk" over the male superstars of the wrestling world today, (don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching certain male superstars too for obvious reasons...) but do they really have appreciation for the sport, for the wrestlers, or the knowledge of. It's my hope that through this section, people will start to understand the way some women feel about wrestling, women who appreciate the wrestlers, who understand the sport, and who want their voice to be heard.

Also found here, profiles and highlights from various women wrestlers, starting with one of, if not the biggest women superstars in the wrestling world today, Chyna. I've got her new book and am reading it currently, so expect a full update and excerpts from the book as well. It's time that women superstars get the attention and applause that men superstars do. (Not that the men aren't deserving as well!)

Please Note: I am not a feminist, I don't hold anything against men, and I'm not being prejudice against men. I just feel that women need to be heard and spotlighted as well as the men who have had the spotlight since the beginning of wrestling. This is just my attemp to shed a little light for the women of the sport. Please do not e-mail me or anyone else who chooses to contribute to this section with harassing letters stating that we are feminist, prejudice, or any of the like. Thank you.

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