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~News for the Undertaker~

3.13.01 is getting a makerover done coming soon! It will include history of Undertaker, fmaous matches, and more info. on Undertaker. Go to to vote for what matches you'd like to see in the Best Matches section.

3.07.01 So it's known that Paul Bearer is back with the WWF (thanks Gyps)...not appearing on television but behind the scenes. It's good to know he's back and working with them again...although it would be nice and kind of interesting to see how his relationship with Kane is.

Current Undertaker has changed entrance music once again, now featuring a song by Limp Bizkit, Rollin' off their new album. It puts a whole new twist on his character and entrance now, the presence has taken a whole new turn. We'll have to see what happens next...

1.31.01 Last news story for the first month of 2001! 'Taker and Kane have reunited once again...we'll have to wait and see how long this keeps up?! You never know with the WWF! Let's hope they get a good storyline going and stick with it.

1.27.01 Nothing big in the news column today, except that I wnated to say that Kane and Undertaker are working together ONCE AGAIN...we'll have to see how long this time?! I know they didn't really get a long chance to work together in the Royal Rumble as 'Taker was thrown out not too long after he got in. Monday night on RAW 'Taker came out ot assist Kane after he got beat by they are back together once again.

I've got some history of the Undertaker from 1995 tp 2000 and will have it up totally soon. Click on the year to find out a little of what the Undertaker was up to and see how he has evolved over the past few years. I'm trying to get something started for 2001, but w'll have to see about that one! =)

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