This column is written by Gypsy author of Through My Eyes. She is the one who inspired me to do this section on women. I really appreciate all her hard work and efforts that she puts into everything she does for this site! Gypsy and I were talking and she made a very good point one day, women need to be spotlighted in wrestling as well as the men. And I agree with her 100%! It's hard to be a women in the world of wrestling today, like it is in the regular world today. My hope is that women get a chance to shine in the near future and they don't keep getting these stupid little "slutty" roles, that they get to use their talent as well! Hopefully there might be some women moving up in the corporate ranks as well, the creative department, the devolopment department, or the backstage/ behind the scenes area.

Please note: Gypsy has put her hard work and time into this and all the columns on this site, plase don't e-mail her asking her questions about the wrestler's personal information as she has none to give out. Also, remember these are opinion based columns and she has a right as well as everyone else to state her opinion, if you don't agree please don't be rude about it, respect her like she deserves to be. Thanks ~Iya

Now onto the column...(which will be done weekly hopefully!)


In this day and age , I am still suprised at the division between men and women . While political correctness is the norm these days , some are still living in the '50's as far as their attitude towards women are concerned . I am far from being a feminist , but I do admire and acknowledge those women that do step over the boundary and try to make it in a ' man's world '.

When it comes to sport , it's fair to say that's male territory , or further to the point - male viewing territory . While women do compete and watch sports, it's a male tradition to plonk themselves down infront of the tele , down a six pack or two, and venture into the world of testosterone and sweat . While alot of sports are aimed for the male audience , female fans are growing ...particularily among the wrestling viewers . Not only are women sitting down and watching wrestling , they also play a significant role in the shows themselves .

The way I look at it , there are TWO females divisions in the world of wrestling - wrestling women and women of wrestling ( or Diva's as they are now called ) , but the roles that they play are somewhat different.

Diva's ( or ' eye candy ' as some refer ) are there for the male viewing pleasure . They are the ones who perform valet duties , while aiming to look seductive - short skirts, long hair and tiny tops , get the picture??

While wrestling women are the ones who get in the ring , who aren't afraid of being knocked around and have more than just distracting the opponents on their mind . The best example I could give you would be Chyna ...........

Chyna first appeared in the WWF as a valet/ bodyguard to HHH in the late '90s. Along with Shawn Michaels and Hunter , they formed Degeneration X . Chyna played a key role in many matches that DX found themselves in - by way of a baseball bat , her trademark ' low blow ', a chair shot or any other sort of ' interference' that deemed suitable . She never spoke, but her presence was always felt! She joined the Corporate Ministry , made a friend out of Kane , only to stab him in the back after reuniting with HHH . Chyna had also made her mark in the WWF as a female competitior in the male division : first female in the Royal Rumble , first female in King of the Ring , first female Intercontinental title holder, while taking 1999 Diva of the year , television appearances in sitcoms and talk show circiuts, her own fitness video , doing a feature in Playboy magazine ( outselling Sable) and now , her autobiography - the Federations third Superstar 's story in print .

Chyna stands on her own as a role model and her achievements speak for themselves. She is proof that with the determination and perseverence , not only can you succeed , but succeed in male dominated sport as well . . Next week, more on wrestling women - Lita and Jacqueline ............ Take care , Gypsy

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