Where all photos of The Undertaker are kept, from his early days with Paul Bearer to his more recent days the American Bad Ass. There are sections for each category below and photos have been categorized for your convenience as well. If you have any photos and you'd like to share them, please send them to Iya @ unitedindarkness@yahoo.com full credit will be given. I don't have a lot of photos right now, so I'm working on my collection, but you are welcome to any of them.

~The Galleries~

Each gallery only has about 6-8 pictures in it, as I'm trying to cut down the loading times for them...some people don't have as fast of a modem as others.

  • Gallery One

  • Gallery Two

  • Gallery Three

  • Gallery Four

  • Live Show Gallery

  • Undertaker Plain clothes Gallery

    More coming soon!!

    While you wait, feast your eyes on this...

    These are two pictures that I've put up right away for, and thinking of, a close friend of mine, Wysper. ((HUGS)) Two of my favs. and I bet you can tell why?! *g*

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