Actually, it's not just the darker side of wrestling, all things about wrestling are included here. Whether it's from WWF, WCW, ECW, or a local federation, whether it's about Undertaker, Stone Cold, Kane, The Rock, Goldberg, Sgt. A Wall, Sting it will be here! Including photos, columns, interviews, links, etc. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, like always e-mail Iya. If know of any local feds you'd like to promote let Iya know and they will appear here as well. So, whatever it is, if it has to do with wrestling, this is it's home!

Coming Soon~

Please be sure to check out the newest addition to this site, coming soon, From My Eyes a new column writen by Gypsy. Giving her prespective of wrestling today and other surprises. ((HUGS)) Thanks Gypsy!

Also, a new column Writen for the Heartless writen by Iya, a little more opinionated than Gypsy's, blunt and not always tactful, so if you're brutal and don't really care, check this out coming soon!!!

~Predictions for The Royal Rumble~
Undertaker/ Kane Only!
Predicted By Webmistress Iya

Thie should be an interesting time for Undertaker and Kane, as they seem to be uniting again, and most likely will do something of that sort for this month's Pay Preview. It should be interesting to see who, out of Undertaker and Kane will be the final one staning in the ring. (Peronally, I hope it's Undertaker, but we'll have to wait to see.) And does this mean that after they work together, if that is so, how long will this partnership be? I know a lot of 'Taker and Kane fans get excited to see the two brothers working together, and on the same page. It's qutie a site to see when they are working as one, they could take on most every man in the WWF today and succeed! What a powerful duo this will be!

Look for PPV Results here after Sunday January, 21, 2001!


I'm hoping to keep up again on the Raw and Smackdown results for all the WWF Superstars, however, I don't get Smackdown where I live now, so it might make that more difficult to do. But look for results for both the shows starting next week, January 28, 2001. Look for Results of Distruction coming soon!

~WCW News and Events~

Let's see what's happening in other federations today...the news and events pertaining to WCW will be kept in this area for your interest. Some of us like watching both feds. so it's only fair to include some updates with what's going on in the World of WCW.

Old news to most of you by now, but thought I'd mention it as I'm sad, Vampiro has left WCW after his contract was up, and has joined the band, ICP for new reocrds and touring.

Starting this Tues. January 23, 2001, WCW Nitro will be aired on TBS on Tuesday rather than on Monday nights...don't forget.

I'm not sure right now if I will have results here for Monday night Nitro and Thunder or not, seeing as how this is an Undertaker site, but if you'd like to see them up, please e-mail Iya and let me know, I don't feel like wasting my time if no one will ever read them. Thanks.

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