Plase Note: The Brothers Grim is a main link off Deadman Inc. Main Page. Until I change graphics again, this link will remian here, while I forgot to add it to the main image. Thanks.


March 13, 2001
I guess I'm not keeping with what I thought I would by not updating as much.
I think I'm doing more updating than I was before. Go figure, guess I am only trying to make a point. :)
Added Women's Column written by Gypsy.
Added to Women of Wrestling and more coming soon!!!
Check out News from the Dead about

March 07, 2001
Added Undertaker Plain Clothes Gallery One More coming soon!
Through My Eyes updated

February 26, 2001
Added No Way Out Results
Happy Birthday to Gypsy, author of Through My Eyes
Look for Gypsy's work more in the newest addition to the site Women In Wrestling a section devoted to women's views, women in wrestling, and more.

February 23, 2001
Added Live Show Gallery.

February 14, 2001
I've added Report of the House Show from Sat. night. It was amazing to see! And 'Taker looked so damn good! *g*
I'll be working more on this site tomorrow as I've been so busy at work, but tomorrow is devoted to the sites!

February 10, 2001
Finally, added Through My Eyes a column written from a female's point of veiw about all wrestling in the WWF.
I'll be gone now until Sunday night as I see the house show tonight, and will have much to post when I return!

February 07, 2001
It's been confirmed! The Undertaker will be at the house show in Minnesota that I'm attending.
February 10th, three days from now!!! Oh yeah!
Expect event pictures up in Dead Man's Gallery next week.
Added some to Written for the Heartless

February 02, 2001
Please note: The new sister site link, Kane's Forbidden Hell is not finished yet, as it's a new site I'm working on, but I wanted people to know it was out there and to check it out.

February 01, 2001
All new pages added, at least started. Through My Eyes a column written by Gypsy. Written for the Heartless now open, column written by Iya. The Brothers Grim up and going to be updated ASAP. Results of Destruction will be added to as soon as I get a chance to get the RAW Report done and up, but has the PPV updates to it now.

January 31, 2001
As you can tell, I am obessed with the picture I just found while searching, the one useed in all the headers and boarder, etc.! I don't have much variety as for graphics, something about the way 'Taker looks and I fall for the guys who wear wallet chains for some odd reason, so that makes 'Taker all the better to look at! *g* ANYWAY, I have almost all the pages updated with the new graphics, thanks to my new graphics editory, finally! =) I added some more words of wisdome to News From Down Under about the brothers. I will be getting a new award out for both this site and the main one, but a special Dead Man Inc. award for other wrestling, Undertaker, WWF let Iya know if you have worthshile site.

January 30, 2001
Well this part of the site has been my focus the past few days, as you can see, the new graphics are up and some new sections, I'll have to links to those up within the next few days. Please note: don't forget about the rest of the site as well, although I've registered this part seperatly, there is a whole other world out's even linked as a sister site to this many peoplea re coming to this site only for this section, so I guess I'm feeding into it and really polishing this part up! Hope you enjoy!

January 28, 2001
Created a new boarder and image for the main page of the mini site. Hope you like. I finally got a graphics editor and I'm whippiing up new images like mad!! heehee

January 27, 2001
Added Gallery Four to Dead Man's Gallery.
Added Best Wishes to Chyna in The Dark Side of Wrestling.
Added Hardy Boys pics. to Dark Side of Wrestling...another pair of hot, dark and mystical guys in the WWF.

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