Here is where you'll find all the updates, additions, and news for anything going on around this site. A link to the section which is referred to is provided for easier access and to save you time. Check back to find out what's new, especially in the beginning, as a lot of things will be changing and lots of new additions!

Be sure to check out the updates for Dead Man, Inc. on the main page of that mini site to find out what's new and updated. A mini site dedicated to WWF's Undertaker. All updates for that mini site will be kept on the first page, Dead Man, Inc.

If you have anything you'd like to include or contributions, please send them to Iya.

~Dweller's Updates~

Added Gypsy's Column to Women of Wrestling in the Deadman Inc. section.
Am working on looking for links of a "darker" nature, if you have one you'd like to share with me, please contact me at I'm trying to get the site promoted to darker toplists and such to draw a bigger audiance. Thanks for any help you might give me! :)

Would you like to Subscribe to the Nightdwellers??? I've added a new e-mail group and would love to invite anyone to subscribe!!
Plase see Deadman Updates for an important message.

Added some to Deadman Inc., go HERE for updates.

Added No Way Out Results
Added Live Event Gallery
Added other various things but can't remember what right now, so check around for new things...

What else, but working on yet more new graphics!! Bare with me, I'm almost done changing things...Damn graphics editor!!! *g*

My sincere apologizies to all for the slow updating of this site.
I will admit that between working tons of hours and the Kane site, I've been very slow at the updates with this site.
I'm getting back on track here with new graphics, and colors.
Please bare with me as the change occurs, I know not all the site matches yet.

Happy Valentines Day!
WOW! It's been quite awhile since I added anything.
So, here you go, Column up about the House Show on Sat. that I went to.
Will work on more with this site tomorrow...the whole day devoted to working on the sites!
Please feel free to stop by the Message Board and post! All are welcome, and would be nice to see some new faces around! *g*

Added two more special people to Iya's Credits
Added Satanism Resource to Silver Moon.
Added more to Fire in the Night Iya's rantings
Added Chapters 1-7 of Heartache Part Two
I have a full time job now so updates will come slower now...please bare with me as I get into a new rutine for the sites! I will have some more galleries up soon and the new column by Gypsy up tomorrow.
All the colors of fonts and links should be done except on the fiction stories.

Added Part One of a two part story, Heartache.
Will be doing even more re-vamping of the site, changing all text and link colors to match and other stuff.
I have a full-time job now, so this site won't be my main activity each day, so if you see it lacking, it's becuase I'm working 45+ hours a week and don't have time...
and I've added another site to the pile Kane's forbidden Hell so it's a lot. Bare with me will be worth it!

Added lots to Dead Man Inc.
Added Site Index for easier navigation
Added Undertaker' history '95-'00
Added Through My Eyes column for Dead Man Inc. written by Gypsy
Added Written for the Heartless another column written by Iya
Added The Brothers Grim to Daed Man Inc.
Added Results of Destruction to D.M.I. and more coming on that soon
Please note: I am changing the font and link colors on the main part of the site now, so some of the fonts won't match and I am aware of that, but I've been working on this for about another 5 hours straight and am tomorrow they will be finished along with new fan-fiction and photos galleries.

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